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I have to admit, I got pretty fed up with this one and almost gave up half way through.

My oil paints are cheap so the mountains weren't breaking very well (I've since read the tips on drying paint out on a bit of cardboard - will try this next time!). When I'd done the mountains and tried sticking a few trees in, they were just coming out as a blur and there was a hazy gap between my foreground and mountains as I didn't fill the mountains down enough.

I salvaged best I could. Far cry from the original but better than I expected it to turn out.

Went for 'Ocean Sunrise' after this for a bit of mountain detox and found it as pleasant change to Bob's usual. Would recommend!



(Meant to keep a record, this is my 3rd ever ever painting :) )

26 Jan 2019 , 8:09pm Report
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