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Acrylic on 9x12 canvas

Love these black canvas paintings


Felix Creator of

I was always a little afraid to try them before. No idea why though. The black canvas creates some wonderful effects practically by itself.

8 Feb 2019 , 1:08pm Report

Trying to get my mind wrapped around the whole transparent color and the effects made with them.

9 Feb 2019 , 3:41am Report
Felix Creator of

How did you do the reflections? Looks like you painted the dark parts over the lighter parts to create the reflections of the snow covered trees

10 Feb 2019 , 5:32pm Report

The whole canvas was covered in Windsor Blue since its transparent. Reflections were created by just pulling some titanium white straight down, and it picks up the blue (Windsor blue) already on the canvas.

11 Feb 2019 , 4:33pm Report
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