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Evening Seascape

It's not perfect but I like it. Truly love these black canvases and I'm planning to have another go at this painting. I'd like to try to rearrange the formation of the clouds and do the spray a little less muddy. How does Bob not get mud?! 60x75cm canvas Done in Northampton Western Australia🌻💛🌻



Wonderful with a lovely distant rock with trees and beautiful colors! This painting proves: wonderful don't have to be perfect!

Thankyou for your sweet positivity! ❤

Really nice job here. I just did this one a while back and would like to know how Bob didn’t get mud on the foam too. Great job on the rock formations as well SMT!

Hahaha, thankyou! Good to know I'm not alone. I hear him say load your brush but does he drag it out so its not so thick or something? Ugh, I don't know how he does it. Be good if someone could tell me haha 😁

Awesome rocks and trees! This one isn’t easy, moving water I find to be a challenge, both with knowing what “looks right” and getting the paint to come off your brush so easily. It seems the thickness of the paint, brush pressure on the canvas, and brush load has to be “just right” to make it happen. Many times, I find I don’t have quite enough paint on the brush, especially if he emphasizes to really load it up. A full brush enables you to apply light pressure for fine water spray effects and such. With too little paint, you press hard trying to get the paint to come off and get…mud.

Really fine work here!

Ahhhh, thankyou, thankyou! That makes some sense to me! I'll try to keep aware the next one I paint. 😁

Also if the paint seems to thick (or things just don’t seem to be working right especially in getting the paint off the brush), never be afraid of mixing a bit of liquid white into the mix. I do this often. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I learn it doesn’t work! All part of the learning.

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