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Summer in the Mountain

joha59 19 Sep 2022

Before the summer is over, two days left, a Steve Ross painting about summer mountains with snow on it. Special in this one are the clouds painted after the mountains, and one cloud is going before a top, the water with Sap green and the reflection of the bushes in the water. On canvasboard 30 x 24cm.



Beautiful painting! Excellent mountains and love all the colors used!

Thank you Sandy!

Great painting, Jos. I always enjoy your mountain scenes.

Your canvas board 30x24cm creations have motivated me to stick with smaller canvases and smaller brushes. And I've also tried out a 12x16-inch canvas panel (my most recent upload), and I really liked the solid, "no-give" surface. I feel like I have more control over the brushes. Just have to figure out a way to display them. Might have to make a wooden tabletop stand. I don't know.

Again, great job on this one. Like Sandy said, excellent mountains.👍

Thank you Alex for your kind words!

These are some pro mountains! Can you talk about your process for highlighting/shadows? Anything you've learned to do or not do? Anything you wish Bob would've explained that you discovered for yourself? I'm still waiting for it to click for me, and I'm looking for advice beyond "absolutely no pressure, and use firm dry paint". What makes a mountain look less real/more real? Oh and yeah I've read the articles here, but I'm more curious about your personal insights and experience. Thanks in advance, and sorry for all the questions! :D

Hé Jeffth, some things that helped me were:
-taking more time for the background color of the mountain to really scrape off all too much paint and I also use mostly a little swab to make it a little bit dry. It makes it easier for me to let the paint of the highlight color break.
-I also forced myself during a period to use only one stroke from top to bottom. I saw that the paint on the knife was mixed with the underground color very soon, using one long stroke prevents this mixing.
-To get the feeling of not too much pressure, go up and down and feel the roll of paint moving under the knife.
-I have used black paper to put on my snow as exercise
-Tutorials of Bill Alexander learned me that using shorter strokes can also be very effective. The inderground color he is using is mostly lighter (grey)
-I still have a strong wish to improve my painting of mountains and I want to do a lot for that and I love it to paint mountains.

Thanks for your comment and goodluck in prducing your mountains!

Oh I forgot this one: sometimes I make a sketch on paper with the shape of the mountains and also the shape of the snow and the shadows and the lines that seperates them.

Joha59, thank you SO much for taking the time to respond. These are wonderful tips that I have never heard before. It's very rare for me to find fresh and useful advice like yours since I have been watching and reading every bit of available advice I have almost heard it all, but these are inspiring ideas! I can't wait to try them out, thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Good luck Jeffth with painting your mountains!

Wonderful all around especially those mountains!

Thank you Brian!

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