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A Walk in the Woods

Ninoum 17 Dec 2022

I thought this one was an easy one to do. well, I was up for a serious curve ball.

Just a heads up, the dark lavender will turn a lot lighter due to the thin liquid white. It will take away your contrast so needed for the all the yellow bushes at the bottom of the big trees. Make sure your bushes background are quite dark or they won’t pop at all and might turn into a mud fest. I had to redo several parts for that reason. My path is so so but I just wanted to be done with it.

Not my fav painting, but I did the best I could. 🤷🏻‍♀️



It came out great! I love the warm colors, the yellow highlights on the dark red shadows for the leaves. I notice that when I struggle with a painting, I end up not liking it. But sometimes when I put it away and then find it months later I say, "oh wow, ya know what, this came out pretty good!" And if there's anything you don't like you can always wait til it dries and then paint over it. I have a painting like that right now where the bottom half is entirely too dark. I'm gonna wait til it dries then paint over it.

Thank you Jessie! I will totally use you tip about changing it once dried. 😀 You are right, sometimes, we gotta put it away to see it from a different eye later on!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

wonderful lil falls scene my friend.cheers.P

Merci Pietro!! It’s cheering me up after struggling so much!

This may be the best version of the painting that I’ve seen. Yours is better than Bob’s!

This means so much Brian! I learned lots through the frustrating process. But at the end, it was really worth it!

Maybe you had too much liquid white on the canvas? The highlight color was very light, yellow/ liquid white, so there had to be some contrast with the much darker ac/prblue.

I was very careful with my liquid white. I always do the fingerprint test to make sure it’s just right.

I guess I thought he would apply more dark color on top of the lavender. Then I got caught up into the painting/bob’s instructions and didn’t realized early enough in the process the issue this was causing. Plus, I think that thinning the yellow with liquid white was too much thin pain on the canvas.

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