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Pastel Seascape

Hammipaints 17 Jan 2023

Some time ago I was invited to my girlfriend's grandma's birthday and I wanted to bring a painting as a gift. Since I was told she loved the see I decided to take heavy inspiration from Bobs pastel seascape, which is an absolutely gorgeous composition! It's not exactly a follow along but it's so close that I decided to post it as my version of the painting. I regard it as my best seascape yet, even though I still see lots to imrpove.
Hope you enjoy!



I just noticed why I hadn't posted this yet. The high resolution of the original photo seems to cause a grainy effect once the painting is uploaded. Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of it so it will have to do :)

Still a beautiful painting...sure she loved it!

Thanks sandy! She seemed very happy about the gift indeed!

Great work, especially with acrylics. I have painted several episodes with acrylics too, but mostly those with just little sky. I find it hard to blend them.
BtW: I faced the same issue when uploading paintings from my mobile. I always reduce the size since then and it works without streaks.

Thanks a lot Tom!
Made the same experience in the beginning. I use a base coat mix of golden open titanium white, thinner and retarder as a liquid white equivalent and golden open colors for sky (-clouds) and water now. Allows to blend the color for a long time!

I thought about reducing the size too but I haven't figured out a comfortable way to do that on my mobile yet. But good to know that it works, thanks!

Really great soft colors in your sky. I'm still trying to get a better hold of making realistic skies, so that's where my eye was naturally drawn, and you nailed it.

My mobile allows to change the size easily once I picked the photo to upload. It says original size is X MB. If I press on this I get a drop down list to pick between different sizes.

Thanks a lot Nick!

Thats really cool Tom, I'll have a look if my phone has that option as well

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