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Winter's Peace

Ninoum 30 Jan 2023

I got a Bob Ross 2023 calendar (see picture attached above) and decided to paint every painting of it each month. I was running out of time to do January, so I had to squeeze it in today.

If you want to do my calendar challenge by doing the feature painting for the month we are in, here are all of the months, seasons and episodes:

• January: Winter’s peace - S30E3
• February: A Mild Winter Day - S15E6
• March: Trapper’s Cabin -S29E8
• April: A Trace of Spring -S26E5
• May: Deep Forest Lake - S15E12
• June: Autumn Glory - S5E11
• July: Emerald Waters - S13E9
• August: Stormy Seas - S17E4
• September: Reflections - S2E8
• October: Serenity - S21E4
• November: Soft Mountain Glow - S12E11
• December: Shade of gray - S2E4

Have fun!



Hey Beauty , your frequency is unbelieveble 👍🏼Really nice as always . Perfect Harmony . How long did you paint at this ? 🇨🇦😎

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very pretty and I like your added extra trees! Fun calendar also.

Thank you so much my Germain friend! 🇩🇪 I won’t be painting tomorrow. I have to do a leg workout and work earlier also. I will be back to my easel Wednesday.

This one took me about 4 hours. I always take my time. I guess speed will come along at some point.

Thank you Pam! 😊 I couldn’t resist in buying a Bob Ross calendar for 2023!

Good Morning Beauty Queen 🏋️‍♀️okay , After legs i i could not realjy stand and Walk like a cybiorg „ Blut ,Schweiß und Tränen „😂😂speed is Not the thing . Only my interrest . Mostly i have not so much Time to paint or do it at work . Suddenly I paint Mountain Mirage today until i Start with ind.sum. . But without the cut out and in small 18 x 24 cm

Good morning my friend! ☀️ My legs will be hurting tomorrow and Thursday. I should be fine today. How long does it take you ,in average, to paint? I know that it depends of the level of difficulty. You can paint at work?!! I wish I could do that. May I ask you what do you do for living?

Oh I didn't see your latest painting Nancy, sorry job drives me crazy currently. Well done as always. May I give you a little hint regarding the roof and the perspective. I also often run into that "problem" (really a minor issue) with the knife because it restricts you a bit due to its shape. Try to make the top of the roof a bit longer than the bottom (hope this makes sense) and it will look 100% perfect.
Overall high quality you deliver day by day.

No worries Tom! Some weeks, work get in the way too!

You know, it’s funny you point that out because I was looking at it this morning with a fresh eye and saw the same thing. I am glad you pointed it out because I wasn’t sure if I was right in my observation! It’s an easy fix. I’ll def correct that detail tomorrow when I get my paint out. 😀

You can ask me really everything, Nancy 😎I‘m working in a Company who Sales Wall paints , ( indoor Outdoor) laque,Floores , Wall Papers etc. All you need for your House. I‘m in the Position to paint something when i find a little time whenever i want . I, m the second Chef , so its not so difficult and the deco is up to date 😁 Painting time between 1,5 Hours and 3 Hours until yet. But mostly i paint smaller Formats as you do , of you

Sweet! Thank you for all this awesome info about yourself! 😃

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