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Rowboat on the Beach

Tom0779 05 Feb 2023

My latest Bob Ross recreation.
I like paintings with a turquoise hue. So I had to paint this one.
My opinion:
I think this looks easier than it is. Especially to get the boat perspective right was a bit tricky. I think finally got it looking right. But I fiddled a lot around.
Also I this sky isn’t so easy. I agree else there are not much challenges.
My goal was to make it very soft overall.
This is oils on canvas panel 12 x 16 in (30 x 40 cm)
I added a second picture made by natural daylight.



Another beauty Tom, the rowboat is excellent with the light catching just the right amount. Sky has worked perfectly πŸ™

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters


Beautiful job Tom. I am still working up the nerve to try a seascape. LOL

Thanks Niv. I am glad that the boat has right amount of light. I changed it 5 times I guess.

Thanks Pietro! πŸ™

Thanks a lot Tony. I think you will do a beautiful job with a seascape. I was also a bit nervous before my first.

Mahlzeit Tom, I like the turquoise Color in the sky .. real soft and .the boat is super . You managed the Perspective of the boat completly right , i think . Overall top quality top Technique as always

Thanks Dirk. It has been quite a challenge with this boatπŸ˜€

you captured the boat very well. I love this one!

Thank you ambtulsacd!

I could I miss this one of yours?!!! Not painting today, so I go back to all the paintings I missed and this one escape me totally!

I just did this one yesterday without knowing you just painted it too!! I wish I had seen you 1st, I would have waited to paint mine. Never want to steal anyone's thunder. Sorry about that Tom! 😞

I lack of words to express really how I feel when I see your paintings. It looks so perfect! And I agree 100% with you on this one, it looks easier that it really is. Very deceiving!! The little boat has to be done with precision as far as perspective.

Don't worry, I think on Sunday there where so much posts so you could easily miss one. And this is not very bright in my version, so it stays quite invisible between the others. :)
First thanks for your feedback, yet I am not sure if this turned out so I can say it is really good. I wanted to make it very soft, from the sky to the water, especially on the horizon. But maybe it got a bit too soft and I didn't get the contrast between the foreground objects like I wanted.
However, I learned again a lot and that what counts to me:)
And yes, I think this painting might look easy and finished fast, but to make it look really good this is one of the hardest episodes from the whole series. I hope this makes sense;)

You nailed the boat! Their curves give a lot of troubles to fit right into perspective. You did it great!

Yes you are absolutely right Sunnylady that perspective is by far not easy. You know me already since some time and you know perspective is very important for me.
Took me quite a while to paint this boat, it was even more challenging as the canvas is very small.
It is interesting to see what people rate as a difficult painting. Mot of time the criterium of calling a painting difficult is the time you spend on it. Making a lot of trees can be also very time costly, especially when you do a lot of foliage work. But it isn't really difficult.
Maybe this is the most important thing I learned from this painting ;)

I had one case when I gave my little test painting to a guy. That was timed effort to finish within 10min. Last one took 16 min. So guy was a bit upset about time I spent. But in fact to Allow me to paint and produce painting I was feeling great within 16 min to give away took me 7 years. So yep, people outside of painting world treat difficulty by time.

Yes definitely a valid observation Sunnylady. I do much better paintings nowadays in much shorter time, but this is due to what I learned in 3 years practice.

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