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Ninoum 04 Mar 2023

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time. The cabin was def the best part to paint. The clouds are my weakest elements tho. I am afraid to redo them due to the tight space to work with.

I love those autumn palettes. I get to paint with my fav color… orange! 🧡



Good Morning / Bonjour Nancy, the cabin in the center looks great. Love it. Soon you'll have made the 100😎👍🏼

Good morning my friend! This is #97!!! Again, my clouds are the issue. I won't rework them. I just have to learn to take more my time when I do them. I didn't pay enough attention and I was on schedule... Thank you tho!

I think you know everything about the technique. Time will bring it. When I dealt with Bill's style, it took me further with the clouds and yet it's a challenge every time. To hammer the clouds so pure that they look good. Too much color, too narrow distances. Or started too big. We've already written about it. You can do it, I'm sure

This is a stunning work. Absolutely super! Cabin is amazing.

Clouds can be a pain in the behind, but you can do it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me Dirk. It makes me feel better to see that it can be a hurdle for everyone. I will master them. No other option! 👊🏼

Thank you so much Tom! Other than my clouds, I am super happy with this piece. I always wanted to do this painting because of the cabin. I struggled with that type of roof in the past. Yesterday went like a charm.

Thank you for cheering me up Titia! Coming from someone I truly admire, it makes me feel better to know that we all can struggle at those "freest forms" of mother nature.

I think the clouds don’t matter here at all. This is yet your best work in my opinion. You have learned so fast and improved so much. You do a super job!

Fantastic cabin and the bushes and trees are superior...hardly even notice the clouds! Awesome work!

Tom, thank you so much for that! 😀 And I appreciate you letting me know about those clouds. I won’t obsess over them then.

Thank you very much Sandy! It means lots!

This is some next level painting. WOW. I love seeing your compositions and technique. The way you have the blue and orange here is simply magical

Wow! Thank you so much KAS! ☺️

Cabin is beautiful Nancy, makes a lovely centerpiece of an awesome painting, clouds are cool too, they are the one element we cannot get wrong as they are alive,never the same from one second to the next and will never come again. I study clouds a lot as you know because skys are "my thing" and I've seen plenty that don't conform to most people's "norm". Yours are great with a beautiful light source blending into that lovely blue to the sides, to me it looks like the start of a supercell forming, perhaps Dorothy and Toto are in your little cabin? 😁

Very nice

Niv… you are simply da best! Thank you for your cloud pep talk. You are a sky master and you have no idea how this message means to me. You are so right. I look at the sky everyday and see clouds that don’t conform but they are very real. Thank you again! Your perspective taught me something today! Sending a big fluffy cloud hug your way! ☁️🤗

Thanks you Coldethel! 😀

love the colors, Fall is my favorite! what colors did you use to get that frosty light blue-green color in the grass?

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Awesome cabin! Great job on concentrating the light in the center of the painting.

Thx Jessie. I used a very light blue, closer to white and a darker one more like baby blue.

Thank you so much Pam! I try to pay attention to those details as much as possible. It really brings the painting to another level.

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