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Little Home in the Meadow

Ninoum 29 Mar 2023

I wanted to do the left tree out the painting without doing an oval. So I thought of only doing the top left corner with contact paper.

I had an accident with it… not a happy one. When I removed the contact paper, I forgot to secure the top of my canvas back on the easel. I changed the angle of the easel and the whole thing felt on me. I caught right on time before it hit the ground and collect tons of dog hair. Lol! I had some pretty bad spots. I managed to fix them all. You can still see some mess where the contact paper was below the lower branch of the dead tree. One dry, I will cover it with white gesso.

This was so much fun to paint. I love those type of paintings. A little picnic there would be nice!



Good morning / Bonjour my friend. What a story 👀 shit happens sometimes but you saved it. No matter what happens, it looks great. What kind of gesso do you use? I sometimes have the impression that the gesso does not make the colours shine like that, despite drying for 2 days and regardless of the brand of the oil paint.. Especially for red tones

Super work Nancy. I cannot see anything from that accident. I like your mossy roofs you do recently :)

Guten Morgen mein Freund! 😀I use a brand called “Handy Art”. I started to do 2 layers as a primer. I saw a major difference during my painting session. I used “Liquitex” in the past and it was as good. I know that Bob says he never uses a carton based canvas as it sucks up the paint crazy and will make things more difficult. Not sure what “more difficult” means but maybe it part of the issue you are experimenting? Ask Tom. He might have a better answer than me. 😎

Thank you so much Tom! I fixed it pretty well I guess! I am so used to scrape off and start over that it didn’t phase me when it happened. It was for the time I lost that concerned me since I was on schedule to finish before going to work.

Try the moss on the roof of one of your cabins next time. It looks more the way it should look like I believe. I like that new addition that I picked up from Bill Alexander when I did “Mr. Brown’s Farm”!

Had that happen to me too once! Half of the painting was smeared and more or less unfixable. But with this one i wouldn't have noticed if you had not told us!
Absolutely love the colors and the foreground tree is just superb. Also those little flowers and the moss on the roof again!

Really beautiful! Love all your details and cannot see any accidents! So gorgeous!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters



Thank you so much Marc! Glad to see I am not the only one having an unhappy accident! Lol!

Thanks bunches Sandy! ☺️

Grazie Pietro! The cabin is currently free if you want to vacation in it! Lol!

Thank you Niv! 😀

Looks good

Thank you Cold!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

haaa..great ill start packing..u r very gracious!!

Anything for you Pietro. I could see you painting in this little cabin and making some masterpieces!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

he he..yes..lots of campfire cooking..lil guitar music..some in big time!lol

LOOOOVE the way you think my friend! I'll stop by later then. I'll bring some & vine marshmallows for the campfire!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

oooo..cant wait..loves me some smores!!

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