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Deep Forest Falls

Tom0779 30 Mar 2023

My version of this episode. There is some gesso preparation needed. But else very straight forward scene.
Like Bob I have used an oval canvas (board). Something different but looks also good.
This is a 10 x 12 in. (24 x 30 cm) Board only. Almost too small for my oil brushes. But still ok.



Wow! Looks amazing, Tom. Every aspect has been done well.

Many thanks Barbara.

That's brilliant Tom 😎Bombe 💣


Thanks a lot Dirk, this has been quite popular on my instagram page too.

Thank you Tomi, glad you like it

It looks phenomenal Tom! Great gesso prep!

So gorgeous! Great job Tom!

Many thanks Nancy, it takes a bit of time to prepare it.

Thanks a lot Sandy!

Tom a question, which gesso do you use or don't use any?. I have the impression of mine absorbing the luminosity of the oil paint. Especially with red tones.. Regardless of the Substrate of brand .I often see extremely bright tones in videos and think that can never be the specified colour

Always ask anything Dirk. I use Marabu (available at Hornbach, sorry for the commercial) or Bob Ross brand. This works fine for me. Have you tried Marabu?
The brightness might be due to the TV studio lightning which is very bright normally. Coros are more muted in reality in general and they even mute more once oils dry for several months. Varnish brings them back to life a bit.

No Never tried that Brand . I use guardi from boesner . White and Black same problem.. I saw two from schmincke. One is specially declared with weakly sucking.. But i will try Marabu as well to see what happens . Thank you so much

You are welcome Dirk!

Very nice Tom, black gesso can do amazing things and save much time. Really like this picture 👍

Thanks a lot N!

excellent painting. I'm still searching for info on preparing an oval for these sorts of paintings, can I ask about your process? The drop shadow at the bottom of the oval almost looks like it's an oval shaped canvas (board), but based on your description I'm not sure. The oval looks too perfect to be from bits of masking tape, so I'm very curious how you achieved such a clean oval. Thanks!

Hi Jeff, thanks for your feedback. This is an oval shaped canvas board. You are right. I thought it was clear from the description. Bob also uses an oval shaped canvas for this. On the photo it was on the bed. So maybe this is confusing.
Normally I take a plastic bucket and I use a self adhesive paper and cut out the shape. Does that help?

Tom, as usual super nice painting! A lot of tiny details and great transparency of the water.

Thanks a lot Sunny!

Looks beautiful! Your water is amazing! Love how you can even see the rocks on the bottom of the pond!!

This is excellent. You are too good. It is so beautiful and I am jealous!

Very nice

Thank you Erin! Glad you like it!

Thanks Coldethel. Trust me it took some practice until I was happy with my paintings. The more you practice the more you will improve.

Many thanks Don!

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