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Misty Rolling Hills

Ninoum 22 Sep 2023

Another one looking like “Snow Trails” and “Quiet Woods”. Though, very cute and simple to do.

I thought letting you know where we could find the hiking trail & campsite. 😉

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Love this one,,,your trees are so alive and the sign is awesome!

Bonjour Nancy ,Great painting my friend. Cool sign. In Germany its called „Wanderweg „👍🏼🇩🇪

Thank you much Sandy! 😀 Bob has at least 4 of those type of paintings. He doesn't puts any highlights or barely and I think it brings the scene more alive, like you say, by adding a few. Though, I get what Bob is doing. Glad you dig my little sign!

Schönen Freitag, mein Freund!🇩🇪☀️Thank you very much! 😊 I miss your art. I know you are very busy in the moment. It will be a nice surprise to when I see a post from you! Ich schicke dir eine dicke Umarmung! 🤗

It is really great, I like those trees very much!

This is beautiful Nancy. Great job with harmonizing the sky and mountains. Love the addition.

Thank you Jim! 😊

Thank you bunchy Tomi! 😃 Glad you like my little addition.

Nicely done!

adorable scene, and really serene colors.

I've been meaning to ask (I'm so full of questions): If you had to suggest one Kevin Hill tutorial to buy as a place to start with most bang for your buck, what would you choose? Or another way of asking, which tutorial did you value the most (or learn the most from) out of the paid tutes from his site?

Thanks so much for helping me as always!

Many thanks Cosmo-D! 😊

Thank you very much my friend! ☀️ Jeff, I LOVE all of your questions! It shows how much you want to learn and improve! I am really happy to help in any kind of way. 😀 I will send you the link & password to access the one I believe I learned the most from. And if the link doesn’t work anymore, I’ll send you the tutorial.

Nice work N! True to Bob’s original. 👍

Thank you bunches B! 😊

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