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Majestic Mountains

wendy 09 Sep 2019

The mountains were fun to do. I wish my grass looked better.


dracula Power Painter

The color of the light blue snow in the glacier is the perfect accent! Nice choice!

lightsnow Community Helper

Great painting! For the grass being greener issue, I ran into this as well. What I found to work was the following: Barely use any sap green, if at all. If you happen to have some blue/black mixture on your brush, drag that through some cad yellow. It'll turn vibrant green. If you mix sap green and cad yellow together, your green will be darker. Also, you can also put a bit of liquid white in your mixture to make it even lighter. I was really surprised that the bright green grass is primarily cad yellow, not an initial green paint!

Love the mountains! Good knife job! Grass looks very soft! I think the little creatures live there in the grass and play all day long.

I am struggling with grass too. But what I finally realized in my last painting (somebody here shared the advice) to leave dark areas, and also dont tap the brush without thinking about what surface and angles under the grass. Also to make underpainting darker but not to use black color with black pigment it as it dulls highlights. I used van dyk brown and phtalo blue for that purpose and then laid the grass with cadmium yellow light or yellow ochre to vary the colors and touch of sap green to them, sometimes with white.

Thank you for the advice, lightsnow and Sunnylady! I’ll keep everything in mind for the next painting. 🙂

Wendy, sorry that did not specify. I was talking about black color made of black pigment. Like ivory black , etx.

I need mountain making classes from you. These are awesome.

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