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Final Embers of Sunlight

dracula 29 Sep 2019

This was my third attempt using contact paper. I used a pre-stretched 16"x20" oval canvas as the template to cut out the oval, which was MUCH easier (and more precise) than the string-and-nail method I used last time. That said, actually applying the contact paper to the canvas is a bit of a challenge. I'm sure there's a trick to it...there must be!

More interestingly, this was my first time using one of the Bob Ross books (Series 19) to complete the painting, rather than following along with the the television show. This freed up my screen to put on old movies while I painted, which is preferable for me. I had seen this episode before, so it wasn't completely new to me, but following along with the book was fairly straightforward. Other than the main plate that shows the completed painting, the remaining step-by-step photos are in black-and-white, which makes things a little difficult, but overall it was a positive experience and I have ordered up more of the books!


Great light control. Really feels like you're watching the sun set!

MaxPowers Community Helper

This is a fantastic painting, The colors are amazing. From some of the other peoples comments, I've heard using a hair dryer to heat up the glue to help it stick better to the canvas. I've personally never tried it.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you both for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

Yes, I took the advice of @TheLandscapePainter and used the hair dryer on this one, which certainly helped with adhesion to the canvas. My big trouble with the contact paper is when I remove the backing paper, it all turns to a tangled mess. I think next time I may tape down one side so I can remove the backing without pulling up the film layer.

It is amazing painting, dracula, you are so good at it!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady, I appreciate the encouraging words!

lightsnow Community Helper

Very nicely done. This makes me want to pull out my old lawn chair and have a beer while watching the sunset. I also always had difficulty with the contact paper and have read the hair dryer trick. This is something I'm planning on trying the next time I make an oval painting. I might actually try making this one!

That looks great! Wonderful work.

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