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Shades of Grey

Chris 04 Dec 2019

My version of Shades of Grey, unfortunately I didn't get the building permit for the cabin... so no cabin. :)


I like this painting, the mountains are outstanding, Great job!

dracula Power Painter

Agreed, this painting has great depth and texture. Those darks clouds are very moody, too. Nicely done!

thank you very much for your comments Patoex and Dracula.

Hey Chris, i've been looking to all of your paintings, and the are all outstanding, the mountains in your paintings are awaysome, the bushes and trees are so good and very beautifull, i love all your paintings, Great job, keep going.

Thank you very much for all your compliments, they go straight to my heart, your paintings are also very beautiful, I love your mountains and especially the reflections you put in the water, I think my bushes and trees would be better if I had Bob's brushes (in France it's not available or at an exorbitant price), as I started buying brushes in a DIY store, it was less expensive. :)

Hey Chris,in my country the netherlands, the Bob Ross brush one inch is €15, the two inch is € 22.95, the half round €17.95,but if i look to your trees and bushes they are outstanding, the mountains in your paintings are very good, Great job, keep going. 👍

Hey Patoex, Unfortunately in France Bob Ross is practically unknown, it is impossible to find his brushes in creative leisure shops, I asked if they could order them, but they replied that they did not work with this brand.
The only solution is to buy them on an e-commerce, but shipping costs are often very high from the USA or England.
Thank you for the encouragement.

@chris,you must come for holiday to the netherlands sometime, than you can't buy the brushes,other way when i go to frances for vacation ill take them with me for you, but if i look tot your paintings you don't need them, your paintings looks amazing, the trees and bushes are really outstanding, i have a lot to learn if i look at your paintings,Greetings Chris 👍

Thank you Patoex for your proposal, I found an American seller who offered shipping costs to France, I ordered a two inch brush, to make the funds I think it will be better than my DIY store brush.:)
I also encourage you to continue, you are doing a very good job.

Hi Chris, great that you have found a seller who can send it a little cheaply, the 2 inch brush works fine for me, thank you for your compliment, unfortunately I have not much time to paint lately, busy with my work and other things, but soon I will work on my painting.

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