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Mountain Splendor

Rylarryb 31 Jan 2020

Painting bushes and water reflections are what I really want to figure out. I feel like it’s the paint brush for bushes and too heavy of a touch for reflections. Any tips are welcome. About the painting...this was a fun mountain and sky to paint.


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Bushes (and leaves) are indeed never easy! There are two tutorials about this from Bob and one from Bob and his son, have a look at those! Concerning reflections: the paint that you stripe downwards must not be too heavy loaded so that you can stripe it sideways more easily and without moving too much paint. For that last move, you need to stripe it sideways very gently! Hope this helps!

It does. Thank you. I think I am bringing to much paint down for reflections.

lightsnow Community Helper

It took me a while to figure out how to make the bushes highlights as well, and even though I've made 30 paintings, I still struggle at times. You need just the right amount and thinness of paint and need to load the brush correctly and use just the right amount of pressure with the brush. It's actually a lot more difficult than Bob makes it seem! Your mountain in this painting is very well done! The colors are also fantastic. Concerning the reflections, Bob will sometimes press down quite firmly with the two inch brush to bring down paint, so try and think of that as a guide when contemplating how much paint to add to the brush. Sometimes you don't really need to add paint, just drag down the bottom of your row of bushes. When you're adding bushes, add a bit extra to the bottom - that's the bit you'll be dragging down with a firm pressure on the two inch brush. Then lightly go across. You'll get there! It's all practice with this technique.

Perfect. Thank you for the hints.

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