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In the Midst of Winter

Hyunmyy 01 Feb 2020

Here I tried to recreate Bob Ross's painting for my art class where I had to do a winter landscape.
I used acrylic paints for it.

Also it was my first time trying to recreate a Bob Ross painting and my second time painting a landscape so please be kind ☺️


Very good! You did wonderful job! Acrylics for Bob Ross style is a challenge! They dry too fast to do exactly same blending on the big canvas and acrylic painting techniques come into the picture to replicate the style.

Thank you a lot! Yes acrylics were a real struggle to work with 😅
I checked all of your paintings and I'm really impressed by your work, you're amazing! Your art makes me happy by looking at it!!
I want to buy my first oil paint set but I'm confused about what to chose, I heard Windsor and Newton was good for beginner, but if you had any recommendation I would gladly take it! ☺️

Thank you very much for your kindest words. I am truly humbled. I personally use weird mix of paints. Brands are Gamblin and Winsor. Inside Winsor I have Artisan, Winton and artistic colors.
I know that many people here bought Bob Ross set. They are very often available with good discounts. Amazon gives good deals, I think they buy from Bob Ross company.

If you choose to go with Winsor ams Newton it will be pricey and you will be looking at your acrylics set and feel bad that you abandoned them. But the way how much different they are (oil versus acrylic) will make this change worth it.

I am no way professional artist, but after painting a lot with oil, I finally realized where and why acrylics are good.

Thank you so much for you honest advices! It is really nice to have someone as experienced as you to help me on the path to oil paints.
After looking through your recommendation I think I might go for Winsor Artisan set as they are mixable with water and it's such a big plus for me. I will still do some research before to make sure I don't regret my choice but I was initially think of Winsor and Newton.

Anyway thank you a lot again for taking time to help me on that matter, I really appreciate your kindness! ☺️

I hope you have a good day! Greetings from France! 😊

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