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A Walk in the Woods

johnnyandviki 12 Feb 2020

This was unique. Hard to mix the paint and have each bush be individual. I need to buy some thicker paint. I read online you can use marble dust to thicken paint. Thinking of ordering some. But I'm trying to learn technique with what I got and buy good stuff later.


Hi, Johnandviki , if you have time read Felix Article in "Community>Articles" about how to dry white.
You can use the same method for your darks in the base layer.
You may also try to wipe canvas with the rag before applying dark color and avoid mixing with the liquid white. The greens are of the nice texture but they are mixing way too much with chalky grey because it is too liquid. I am quite sure if you wipe it and reapply very dark after wiping (and if way too liquid wipe again) and then apply your greens - you are on the right track. Hoping to see more of your works.
Don't be afraid of the dark color, this is what brings depth and this is what we newbies are usually afraid of.
Imagine if you convert photo of your painting to black and white. Try to see where would you like to have more black color?
Anything like marble or chalk will destroy your color in the paint as it will work as additive and you will dilute paint pigment even more and you'll have less color. In cheaper paints proportion of pigment(PR, PY, PG, PBk, PB - these weird letters are pigments, but I guess you know it already as you read a lot) to additives and media is already low, don't go with more additives.
Happy painting!

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