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A Walk in the Woods

Romain 22 Feb 2020

Another painting I had to wait a long time so the first layers of paint gets dry. It took around 5 hours.

I made a few adaptations since I got the perspective in the background areas wrong, and finished it in a rush because of a lack of connection with it. The bark, the dark tree and bushes, with the slightly muddy waters add extra depth, in this paint in which I feel we do not see much in the horizon. Dark silhouettes, objects and trees in bad shapes do not seem to please some of my peers. What do you think about this? Should I use more vivid colors and lively subjects?

Since it was the last work in progress I had to finish for now, I will take a break in painting because of the lack of connection to these works. I should get back to portraits, try structures and learn from the least usual paintings from Bob a few days later.


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Romain, the very first episode from Bob is not a real easy one. I did it myself and personally, Bob got lost a few times with this painting as he was trying to find his comfort. You are good at portraits yet I strongly believe you can do these landscapes as well. What worked for me is that I chose several that I really adored and wanted to paint, also in function of difficulty. Although at some point, we all have to learn how to master Bob's tools and techniques. One faster then the other. Practice does the trick and also learning from Bob and others as well. I can recommend Bob's Q&A sessions, you will find several of them here (type Q&A in the search bar) and a one hour session on YouTube (Felix has the link in one of his blogs). Good luck and very much looking forward to your next creations!!!

dracula Power Painter

I personally love the lighting and colors here. It all seems very natural. Well done!

Romain Master of Portraits

Thank you Voy and Dracula for your answers and kind words!

Yes, there is a beginning to everything. :) A subject or a model of one's own choosing is, in my opinion, more pleasant and therefore educative than forcing oneself to practice and learn techniques. Painting sure should be more fun than a tedious work, with experience coming up naturally.

I will sure get back to the Q&A when bored or getting stuck. :) The one-hour special indeed is great and should be on the website's database. I'll send an email to Felix about this. :)

This is one of my favorites
Your layers of light and dark make me feel like im in the woods
The brush stroke captures the movement of water and the leafy trees in autumn.
I think your painting is better than Bob’s!

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