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Tranquil Dawn

dracula 14 Mar 2020

This week I tried one with a calm, quiet composition. As I mentioned last week, I am finding that I prefer the sticky properties of the liquid clear over the smooth, blendability of the liquid white. This painting uses a mixture of both. Overall, it was fun to paint.


MHK Helpful Friendly User

OMG this painting looks real. Unbelievably nice job!! Fantastic tree work

lightsnow Community Helper

Fantastic! There's a serene, soft, and almost mysterious sense of lighting here. This looks like a good place to go and meditate at dawn. Once again, great work!

Great work! I look at your work, I think that you are a very meticulous person because it is carefully do to the finest details.
I've tried mixing liquid white and liquid clear a several years ago.
Not all of them have changed color over time.
Maybe if you use a lot of liquid clear, I think it is very possible.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone for the kind words, I appreciate the encouragement!

@Jin7 - I do find that my paintings tend to get quite detailed, though I try to hold back and not let them get too precious. It's a struggle.

lightsnow Community Helper

Have you ever considered trying to record one of your painting sessions and sharing it on a platform like Youtube? I, for one, would be very interested in watching your method as you paint.

@Dracula I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment. I tried several works, but after about a year, yellow spots appeared on the canvas. I tried to find two of them, but I don't have it at the moment and remember that one was fixed, but discarded another. Also, there were some that did not have any problems, so I think it was a problem with the mixing ratio .

I plan to try this one either tonight or tomorrow when I get home from work. Any suggestion on the mixing of the liquid white and clear for the sky? This will be the first time I have used liquid clear, and I see from everyone's comments on Dracula's (awesome) painting that it's a bit challenging. Dracula: this is absolutely an amazing painting, I love it, and I love your level of detail.

dracula Power Painter

Thanks a lot @doggymommee8301, I appreciate it!

Yes, I think the things to remember when using Liquid Clear are that it is much gooier and stickier than liquid white (which I prefer) and it reacts very violently to paint thinner. I recommend using linseed oil or some other medium to thin you paint when working with Liquid Clear. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

@Dracula thanks for the advice! It was a spectacular fail, and I ended up scraping the whole thing off. I was out of larger canvases, and I think that was the biggest problem. Going to buy some more 18x24s and give it another go next weekend.

That's a masterpiece Dracula! The foreground tree looks so real. From the bark, to the shape and the shadows... sublime!

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