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Mountain at Sunset

Lzicchinella 15 Mar 2020

This was my first try with liquid clear as the vase and quickly learned that it doesn’t react well with the paint thinner from cleaning the brush! After I realized I couldn’t wash my brushes it went much smoother! I’m overall happy with this painting! Let me know any comment or thoughts!


Also not sure why the picture uploaded very strangely with lines in sky and painting doesn’t look like that

Great job- love the reflections in the water!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Lzicchinella, I posted here a copy of the comment on MHK's painting where MHK had exactly the same troubles. Maybe it can help you:

Underneath is a possible explanation I found on the internet. I got those curved lines myself on a couple of occassions and mostly I simply need to adjust the position of the painting AND/OR the position of the camera to make it (fully) dissappear. Light interference is also a factor where my best results are obtained with natural light, never artificial light.

What are those curvy lines all over my screen when I take a photo of it?
You know, those trippy lines that go all over the screen when I take photo of my monitor with my phone, and the lines go crazy especially when I zoom in and out on my phone. The zooming out phenomenon of the lines moving when I zoom is probably due to resolution, but what makes taking pictures of a printed out photograph different from doing the same on a photograph shown on a screen?

They're called Moiré patterns
It's caused by the interferance pattern between the pixel grid in your camera's sensor, the pixel grid on the screen your photographing and the pixel grid on your phone's screen (which is why they change when you zoom)
If you take a picture of window screen or other regular square pattern you can see the same thing. You can even see them in the real world by looking through two layers of wire screens (an apropriate distance appart)
(The reason they're curved is because different parts of the monitor are different distances from the camera sensor so the interferance frequency changes .)

Thanks for the detailed explanation on that! The picture looks perfectly clear on my camera though. It only makes these lines when I upload it to this website!

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