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New Day's Dawn

Jin7 28 Apr 2020

This is the second time I have painted this . I can't say anything because the work is not left now, but I think it was better last time. Recently I think that the technique of painting BobRoss works has fallen.



Jin, this is very nice painting. Day just starts there is this fog and it is like August . The house is very cute. Great work on two-point perspective!
What makes you so unhappy with this one?
Let me share - I think in general second painting is less artistic if it is correct word. What I mean for me second painting is always worse than the first one. I think it looses that free flow even more than the first one. I think you also belong to the perfectionists in everything else in your life. But what I realized the same approach does not work in the paintings. Happy incidents this is what adds to the painting liveliness.

On the youtube channel with Bill Alexander couple of days ago a new video was posted where he did sunset ( ). It is 1 hour long video, but the result is amazing, this is what I like more in Bill Alexander lessons that he always explains the light. Bob never does in 30 min videos. I never had access to the 1 hour videos ( i cannot judge). Try that one from Bill Alexander I recommend you. This will take you away from your favorite mountains for couple of hours and you will reset. May be you just tired from the same things all the time and want something new but just do not realize it yet?

I also recommend you to do the Intuitive art - by taking canvas taking all you paints and just drop paint on the canvas and use knife or brushes or even fingers and mush the paint in the canvas till that speaks to you. This is amazing experience. Turn on your favorite music. Switch to your non-dominant hand and you will learn something new about yourself.

Dear Sunnylady
Thank you for your valuable opinion. I made a correction in this work, but I accidentally uploaded the photo before correction. Dissatisfaction is the color of the cabin,
so I can fix it soon.

I've tried using intuition before,I didn't feel it was right for me.
I'm working on other things right now
and also enjoy painting.
Thank you so much for your attention.

Will be looking forward to see you next creation!
I am glad that I was wrong and description to this one fooled me to think you are very-very upset.
I am glad you are fine and continue with joy of painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Jin, what surprised me in your painting is the pastelled sky. Did you achieve that with liquid clear as Bob used for this painting? Your grass certainly shows very bright and accented colouring, like liquid clear would give.

Dear Voy Thank you for your nice comment.
Voy As you say, this work uses Liquid Clear (only sky). This work is a very rare work with three types of undercoating: liquid white, liquid black, and liquid clear. The grass isn't very satisfying, but as Bob says, I used white to highlight the brightest parts of the piece.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Lovely sky color. I did not know this episode yet.? I think I will give this one a try in the near future.

Dear Tom Thank you for your comment. Bob's cabin is my favorite.
I am looking forward to your materpiece.

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