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Evening's Glow

Happy Rap 03 May 2020

I have come to the conclusion I will probably never paint like Bob Ross reasons being first off and this painting proved it to me I am colorblind. I will go into detail shall I write an article. Second I am stingy with paint and the only use i have for a two inch brush is preparing a canvas with liquid white or gesso. Other than that paintings not hard to look at. I’ve found my own little technique, enjoy.


Happy Rap, take a deep breath in..... imagine starting from tomorrow there will be no paints, no 2 inch brushes, no shoes, no joy of painting, give it a thorough thought for 10-15 minutes.

That's a big discovery you came to with this painting, don't close yourself for opportunities.
Look at these magnificent trees you painted. They are so real! At the end of the day many of us here will not paint like Bob, but will learn their own style and develop it through the hard work. However Bob's lesson to flow when painting this what will be with us forever.

I do not use my 2 inch brush as well, I only keep it for the sky blending. My brush is from home repair store. I cannot imagine using it for 16 by 20 inches(40 by 50cm) paintings more seriously however if I go with bigger size of 2 - 3 times bigger it will be handy. Dont be upset just accept that some of the tools are more challenging but with more experience and hours and hours of hard work you will tend to try them again and discover their features in full.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Your painting looks fantastic, no worries about that.
I rarely use the 2" brush, almost always 1,5" or 1" brush. Specially the latter is a joy to work with!
I have the same conclusion, that I won't reach to Bob's Ross's level, with a few exceptions here and there. I am happy that I have my African paintings I can fall back on, and my silhouettes. They give me the credits/merits I'm sometimes looking for.
Happy painting Happy Rap!!

Thank for your comments, I do very much enjoy painting and it has become part of my every day thoughts. Even though I don’t paint everyday. I will mention I don’t use a large palate and I don’t lay out a whole tube of paint at a time. I use paper plates with little dabs of paint as I need. On that note blending colors is not likely and a one inch with a few fan brushes and script liner at the tools I have adapted to. Seems to be working. Thanks again for enjoying.

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