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Wilderness Day

Jin7 14 May 2020

Following Bob's example, the part where Gesso's underwear appears on the screen looks a little unnatural. This must be the last episode of Joy Of Painting, but I've heard that there is 32 series (incomplete ,only four episodes). A man who participated in CRI's REUNION held in the US said.
I am curious what kind of work are they?



Jin, great depth, especially that look of the mountain standing far away and brightened by sky to the very light gray. This makes painting so sunny!
Beautiful forest too!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

This is one of my personal favourites and indeed, the very last one of the series.
But really Jin, four more episodes??? Waw, if only those could be open to us!!!

Dear Sunnylady DearTom0779 Dear Voy Kay Thank you for everyone!

I 'm happy you like it but likes and dislikes are very different person to person.
I don't like this so much .
No offense everyone! I don't like this very much.
Regarding to 32series I really don't know anything about it , but the Bob Ross Japanese Headquarters was sending calendars to my friend CRI every year . I don't have any Bob's calender because my class is personal.
He showed them to me and then I found two pictures that did not include the 31 Joy painting series. One is a beautiful seascape and the other is a beach with a white lighthouse. But I don't know they are 32 series episodes or not.

Jin, that sounds very intriguing the new episodes... Lets keep an eye on the development and BR channel on youtube and Bob Ross web site.

As a producers of the paintings we usually see more flaws in them than the other people do. We always can work harder to improve and grow. This is how our brains are programmed. Personally for me there is always something I do not like in my paintings, but I learn how not to be upset, accept it and convert it to opportunity to grow as many of the times I was just upset. I have not attempted Bob Ross painting for quite a while now and that's okay too. You may not like it and you can go and fix it or repaint it, which will be wonderful either way because you know how work hard and achieve better results next time that will make you a bit more happier.

I think many artists here will say the same about seeing bad parts of their painting all the time.
For fun purpose do one painting upside down while video is upside down too. this will help to change point of view a bit.

May be lets do a challenge and paint upside down and see how it turns out? Lets select an episode. What do you think?

What about S20E12 ( as per Tom's advice) we can mess it up!!! Especially that perspective, oh, i am excited about it!

Thank you very much Sunnylady.
I didn't paint until I met Bob Ross ,so if I couldn't meet this methode, I might not have painted.
Thanks to Bob Ross, I can draw such a picture. I liked his paintings, but I saw other picture so much that I started to feel unsatisfactory. Of course my favorite works still remain.
But I did most of my favorite Bob Ross work.
Now I do works of Bob Ross for a sample picture in my classroom.
To tell the truth I want to paint other landscapes .
You said how about S20E12 . I have alredy done it twice and it is one of my favorite but now I don’t have them.
There are so many paintings in my room that I needed to organize them and dispose of them. Probably I think I gave it to someone.
And I will not paint it again for a while.

Are you ok Jin? it sounds you are very stressed. Dont throw them away. Donate to some charity.

we can do some other one if you prefer, I am open to suggestions! we can even pick any other painting to do from youtube!

Nice atmospheric perspective

Thank you for your comment Gedholm!

Dear Sunny Lady I don't feel stress on paintings.
If you feel that way because of my English ability, I'm sorry.
I'm not always contented with my job. Maybe that's why you seemed stressed on me. If I am satisfied, I cannot improve.
There are two main reasons why I discard paintings. One big reason is ,usually I buy a canvas in rolls and make the canvas myself. At that time, a wooden crate to be the base is needed, and the canvas drawn for that is removed from the wooden crate. It is very expensive to purchase a wooden crate separately. The work I feel good will not be included in the candidates, so left works will sacrifice However, these days, I remove a wooden crate and keep it. MOUNTAIN RIDGE LAKE, which I uploaded the other day, was also taken the photo with the wooden crate had removed. And another reason is my desire, I don't want to leave my work that I don’t like . And one more thing I know that I want to do.

I was upset that you throw painting away. This is so sad to me.
Rolled canvas is what I think about now. Because there is no space to store. I even think to take off few paintings off the stretcher/frame to roll them for storage. I guess if I had that many paintings as you did I would change my view at throwing them away.

Dont forget English is not my native language too and I am trying my best not to sound ambiguous and convey what I want to say. It does not mean it always works. :)

Happy painting Jin, I am glad that I misunderstood your mood and glad you are doing fine.

Happy painting!

Dear Sunnylady
This time, I have caused you extra worries.
I think you are a very gentle lady. I think it's my custom to write critically about my work, and don't worry if I say something I'm not so serious about it.

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