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rovingmichigander 24 May 2020

Wow, this one has been giving me trouble this is the second attempt after the first mountain ended up looking super funky (first attempt used the fan brush, second did standard knife work). Any tips on fixing my mountains? Bob makes it look so easy but mountains have always been a challenge for me. I also recently switched paint brands to Lukas Studio - maybe the consistency is off? Appreciate any and all tips!



At first,I recommend you that to use the paints Bob's brand or you will hard to paint snow break.
Next is a part of my article .

How to Paint mountains
If you want to Paint something like the Joy Of Painting Series watch Bob's video and practice.
I think it will take some time to learn,but that is enough.
Bob has repeatedly explained this in the show.
However except Bob's description, I will explain little bit about this .
Mountain shape
When you form a mountain,it does not matter how you grab the knife.
it is interesting many beginners shape every mountain into a triangle.
If you notice it, change the shape little bit may make it look like a real.
Mountain highlights and shadows
When highlighting or shadowing mountains you need to grab the knife
very lightly with your thumb and forefinger,the other fingers just touch it,
during highlight the mountain ,do not touch the knife to the canvas
until last part.
Only the paint touches the canvas.
Use the weight of knife and your hand only guides the direction.

I will new article about mountains within this month.
Hope you read it.

Happy Painting!

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