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Tropical Seascape

dracula 20 Jun 2020

Just in time for summer (where I'm located): my first seascape. I think it's a little funny that I've painted more than 60 Bob Ross paintings but had, heretofore, never done a seascape. I think I've been avoiding them.



Dracula, congratulations with your first seascape! Great start with the seascapes!
Was it easy and fun or boring or challenging for you?Do you plan to go for more?

I really like this grayish purple-blue at the horizon that shows this wonderful last moments of the sunset.

Dracula, I was inspired by your seascape as initial plan was going for S17E12 to test fan brush, but Voy suggested to try something with palm trees instead. However, I messed up the perspective and had to cancel palm trees, the major contributor of the choice. :) I'll post mine in 2-3 weeks when I'll touch it with glazing around the sun to add extra depth.

lightsnow Community Helper

I was the exact same way - had been avoiding seascapes for a while until I just decided to pull the proverbial trigger and give them a shot. They aren't easy, that's for sure. You did a good job with this one. That is one nice, big wave!

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady - I went into it with a bit less confidence than usual but I found it to be a fun a reasonable approach. I believe to finish Season 12 I have another seascape coming up next week. I am looking forward to it. I am hoping that I will be able to achieve more of a naturalistic feel next time.

These were my first palm trees as well. I think next time I will add more of a fibrous nature to the trunk and more variation in frond patterns and shape next time.

I definitely look forward to seeing your painting when it's finished!

dracula Power Painter

@lightsnow - Thank you kindly! You're right, that wave is BIG. To be honest, this composition kinda threw me off. I used to live by the ocean and if I ever saw waves like that hitting the shore, I would be running for the hills!

Dracula, I will be looking forward to your next painting! Thank you for the insight! I do not feel very comfortable with seascapes but they are more fun for me, I cannot figure out couple of the things at the moment, but I will learn with more practice.

You addressed perspective here very well! Curve of the wave is super! But main to me are the palm trees I could not decipher them yesterday, but today the leaves look like 2 little sparrows bathing and their feathers are wet but they are having fun. And palms are about to be bathed by that big wave :).

It's incredible if it's the first seascape painting. However, my personal opinion is that there are too many thin lines in big wave and it feels unnatural. Also, Also, Also, I think that it is better you leave much more dark areas .

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