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Daisies at Dawn

Wayne Coley Art 17 Jul 2020

I flipped the format on this painting just to be a little different. My cabin is actually my son-in-law's great grandfater's cabin built in 1886. It still stands today! I didn't think Bob would mind.



Wayne, this is awesome!

lightsnow Community Helper

This is really wonderful. So rustic and quaint. Great work!

I really like this painting. Your cabin is fantastic!

This is breathtaking! Did you paint this all in one go? Or did you have to let certain things dry first?

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
doggymommee8301 - I painted this in about a 3 hour session. The cabin was not too difficult because I had painted it several times in other paintings. I took liberties with the foreground by adding fallen limbs and craggy rocks.

Thanks for sharing! I have never taken art classes, and am only 6 paintings in on the Bob Ross follow-alongs, so it is very encouraging to know you can create something this amazing, with such attention to detail, while the paint is still wet. I would have thought there'd be several times you would have had to let this dry! I've been trying to keep up with Bob and do my paintings in half an hour. Perhaps I should slow down a wee bit!

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor


Remember, Bob only had about 28 minutes, but you can take all the time you want. It's your world, so take your time. And good luck!

Thanks Wayne, I’m trying an original tonight. My uncle asked for something with elephants so I’m going to use stencils for the elephants and paint them in front of a sunset so I can make them black. Fingers crossed!

You definitely made it your own looks awesome

Can you try to explain how you got all those details in the cabin without things getting all smeary. Does the area of the cabin have liquid white under it?

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

Hi Toadi -
To get a lot of detail it helps to start with a larger canvas. This painting measured 24" X 36" which allowed me add the smaller elements of the cabin in more detail.
The first thing I did was to sketch in the basic shape of my cabin. I then filled that shape with black gesso. Once the gesso dried, I cut a mask from Contact paper of the cabin shape.
I covered the black gessoed shape with the mask and burnished it down.
From there, I painted the background as usual then removed the mask. After rubbing a VERY LITTLE liquid clear in the dry cabin shape I added the cabin details.
You could also use Bob's method of scrapping out the shape of the cabin too. Either way, the key is to limit the build up of paint so details can remain sharp.
Long post, but I truly hope this helps.

Thanks Wayne!! By the way, I checked out your website and was so impressed I called you bt got the message machine and had no clue what to say. You are amazing. Do you have a youtube video at all? I would love to watch you do this awe inspiring talent you have.

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

Toadi -
Years ago I filmed a series of videos teaching Bob's techniques as well as my mentor Bea Cox's Wildlife paintings. Bea gave me my very first Bob Ross painting class about 25 years ago. Those videos have disappeared over the years.
I have thought about offering a video again, so I will let you know.
Sorry, you couldn't get through to me over the phone. I have had to close my brick and mortar studio since Covid-19. You can contact me a
Thank you for the nice compliments.

Very nice!!

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