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The Windmill

happylittletreeshhi 19 Aug 2020

3x3”, oil on canvas. Not a fan of this guy. I messed up the proportions early on and it just looks very cartoony. Will definitely try in full scale.



I like it! I think you are being to hard on yourself - I mean the fact that you can paint anything at all that small and not have it turn into a blob is amazing! I spent like 30 min trying to put my signature on a painting with a toothpick.

happylittletreeshhi Tiny Paintings Huge Talent

Thank you! I’m a bit of a perfectionist and feel like I should be progressing faster than I am, but I’m beginning to realize the Impressionism is just part of my overall style and I don’t want to lose that, so I’m just focusing on learning new things now!

I really like how this turned out! I'd never have guessed you "messed up" the proportions. It looks totally intentional. Especially since it's on such a small canvas. Another one a random stranger is going to be thrilled to find! Speaking of, are you just leaving them out where you live? Or have you thought about shipping them to other folks in different countries to leave out for you too?

happylittletreeshhi Tiny Paintings Huge Talent

So I run the whole shebang off my Instagram, @happylittletreeshhi. I pick a different nonprofit every month and also have a public Venmo, so if you donate to the charity or my Venmo, I send two pictures, 1 to keep and one to place out. Multiple donations get multiple pictures. When they place them out, they send me pictures and I leave the clue on my Instagram and add it to a map I’ve created. I live in a tourist town so I leave 3 per season out here and they end up all kinds of fun places (and some stay local!)

@ happylittletreeshhi Congrats with the badge! Very well deserved! you miniatures are awesome!

The windmill looks very intentional and focal point of the painting. The rest just supports the story of it.

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