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Autumn Splendor

JPlaxico 11 Apr 2019
Autumn Splendor

These were the best trees I'd done to this point. I left out the foreground "dirt" because I can't do it. I favor the soft paintings. Question: What do you do about the mark left at the top, by the easel?


Nicely done!
I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to in regards to the mark left by the easel. I don't see any "marks" here.

My easel has a wooden block with a wing nut to hold the top of the canvas. You can't see it here because it got cut out of the picture. I can either try to paint it after the fact or raise the block and risk knocking over my canvas while I'm painting.

So the block overlaps the front of your canvas? Or is the mark on the top - not the front? Do you paint around the edges of your canvas?

The block overlaps the top, in an area about 3" x 0.5 ".

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