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Sunset over the Waves

dracula 24 Oct 2020

As I've mentioned in other comments, I do my weekly Bob Ross paintings from the Joy of Painting books rather than following along with the television program. For the most part, this is totally fine for me, but, thus far, I haven't done too many seascapes and I should maybe rewatch the TV show for paintings like this, just to get a refresher on how it should be done.



lightsnow Community Helper

You did an excellent job with this one, Dracula. You can feel the power coming off that big crasher wave. Where did you find the Bob Ross books? I have one physical book and 2 PDFs but they're difficult to find.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Awesome wave and rock! Water sparkles catch all my attention!
Also I searched for those books but either it's in German (only my fifth language) or they cost a fortune! Pity!

Fantastic wave Dracula!

Great painting!

I can almost hear that wave hitting the rocks. Another amazing painting Dracula! I am always so excited when you post something new. You also inspired me to purchase a Bob Ross book and try painting along with the book instead of the video. One to come soon, and if it goes well, guess I will have to treat myself to another book or two for Christmas!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone! I am pleased to hear that you enjoy this painting. It turned out differently than I had imagined when I started it, but I've been looking at it on the easel for the last couple days and am rather happy about it, even if I missed some things I could have gleaned had I followed along with the video.

@SunnyLady - Thank you kindly! I thought about some details in your recent seascapes when working on this one!

@Tom0779 - Thank you! Sometimes I wonder where my style comes from. People have mentioned to me that they see the same quality in things I make even in very different domains. I've been told that the cookies I bake somehow look like my paintings. Weird!

@lightsnow & @Voy Kay - I order the books from the Bob Ross Company's online store.
I am not sure if they ship internationally, but they might. If not, orr if it would be more cost effective for you, I can order and ship them to you myself. No one should go without the books if they want them! I'm happy to help in any way I can.

@doggymommee8301 - I am looking forward to hearing how you like working from the books. I personally prefer it greatly. To be fair, I have yet to do a painting strictly from the book without ever having seen the corresponding television episode, though sometimes the lapse between can be over a year.

Dracula, hi, I just wanted to share the finding that Shishkin is quite smooth and all the little details look like made with very thin brush, I guess some type of liner.

Repin’s paintings are crazy: up close this is mess of brush strokes and texture but from distance this is silk dress. I don’t know how they made it.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Dracula, a very generous offer, thank you for that!

I checked the BR-site and indeed, all are available there at modest prices.
Unfortunately the costs to ship this to Europe are exuberant because next to shipping (weight!), it also includes import taxes (any packagaes above 26 USD) and that is not low for Europe.
I will have to consider things/costs but will keep your offer in mind.

Have a great day!!


dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, ah thank you for that information. I have just started a small Shishkin study of a coniferous forest and knowing how smooth his work is will be useful to me. I found this article by James Gurney which gave me a little insight:

@Tom0779 - If you aren't familiar with James Gurney's YouTube channel, you might like to check it out; he does a lot of wonderful watercolor demonstrations.

@SunnyLady, thanks also for pointing me to Repin, his work is amazing! he is a master of value. In this way and in your description of his loose brushwork that comes together in convincing realism reminds me of John Singer Sargent.

@Voy Kay - Yes, for sure, just let me know if I can be of assistance!

Thanks for the link Dracula. Yes, I also read in Russian websites that he was a master of value that's why colors and emotions came much later in the career. He was excellent in drawing, that's why his paintings are so realistic as drawing drives the rest in the painting, this is what he was telling his students. Critics were saying that this extreme love to details very often interrupted the mood of the painting. He was also good in engraving and printing methods ad a lot of masterpieces in this area of art.
He learnt a lot about nature through the photography and a lot of immersed learning of real plants and trees. He was saying that photography is only the link between reality and art.
I´ll share the website here, please do use google translate on it. There are letter from Shishkin to people where you can read about the methods he was teaching and how he was painting.

One more link:
I hope at least one will open for you. The second link has more drawings and quite a lot of paintings. It will also need google translate.

@dracula: I hope when corona is under control I'll see Sargent works in one of the museums. I saw zoomed in paintings from him on internet and it was great to observe how they change when returned to normal view.

lightsnow Community Helper

Hi Dracula. Thanks for the offer on the books, but now I do remember seeing them on the website but experiencing the same shipping overinflation that Voy Kay has. I found one at a used book store once. Maybe I'll be lucky again some day!

Dracula I just came across your version as I plan to paint this one soon. I love what you did with this one!

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