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Secluded Mountain

Lilikins 26 Oct 2020

This is the first mountain painting I’ve attempted since my very first painting back in February. I’m usually my own worst critic but I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made. Made a few changes from the original. Still thinking about adding a mountain reflection as it’s been bothering me ever since I noticed it. Anyone else find it odd that Bob reflected trees but never the mountain? Maybe they are vampire mountains.



This is fantastic! I have more to say about it, but I’m brain dead from cleaning house and painting all day, so I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll give you a proper comment tomorrow.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I'm dazzled with the highlighted mountains! Incredible!! Also those birches up front are a feast for the eye!!

Concerning the reflections, it's not the first time Bob's forgetting (or ignoring) these (e.g. Twilight beauty where he missed the evergreens reflections). No worries, you might add them later, or leave it like this.

Wonderful painting! Mountain reflections is something that was bothering me for a while. If you decide to do it after everything is dry, apply a thin layer apply linseed oil first to the water, wipe a bit and add reflection. It will mimic wet on wet.

Ups. Sorry. Did not read it was acrylics.

Thanks so much everyone! It makes me so happy that you thought they were oils at first sunnylady. I spent so long struggling with acrylics and being upset that they don’t behave like oil and I finally feel like I’m understanding them and appreciating it instead of fighting.

Tom - with lots of patience! I enjoy detail work though so it was fun for me. There is probably 5 different layers on just the trunk. Base of tree, highlight wrapping strokes on one side and shadow on the other. Then black/brown marks done by basically smudging followed by more detail highlight. Basically I just keep adding more paint until I’m happy. My palette looks like an explosion by the time I’m done.

Those birch trees are simply amazing! You should be VERY proud of this painting, it is all very eye-catching. What size canvas is this? You mentioned the birch trees took a lot of patience, how long did this painting take you? Fun fact: there is a theory that the reason vampires don't show up in reflections is because back in earlier centuries mirrors were made using silver as the reflective material. So in theory, vampires should be visible in modern-made mirrors. I got a good chuckle out of your vampire theory!

I can’t remember the size but not super big. Maybe 20x14? I’ll have to check when I get home. I’m just a super slow painter and the birch tree was a first for me so I was studying the reference photo for ages. Also I purchased slow drying acrylics so when I need to wait for layers to dry to avoid mud it takes awhile. Don’t know the exact length of time but I painted over a period of 3 days. I have a stressful job with 13 hr shifts so painting is my relaxation so I go super slow. I also can’t help but touch up things over and over. There’s probably 6 layers of paint on the lake because I kept changing the shape of the land 😂

Hm I had not heard about that theory on vampires. But I thought it was werewolves that didn’t like silver?

That is one nice thing about acrylic (even the slow drying ones), they do dry faster. When I want to add layers to my oil paintings I have to wait FOREVER to get them to dry a bit so I don't mix mud. I end up with more than one going at once. Ouch 13 hour days?? I am sorry, my friend. I thought I had it bad, lol. We have a busy season that is about three months out of the year in which I work 6 days a week, normally 10-12 hours, but the rest of the year I work a normal M-F 8-5. My sympathies.

As far as the vampire theory, here's a reddit thread I read about it. It's also believed silver won't reflect something that doesn't have a soul...

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