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Ebony Sunset

Boja 19 Nov 2020

🤔 my 7th paint in life... on start paint was perfect ! But i have toooo many problem with sticking paint on canvas when start with brushes and trees... i think that problem is in colours and brushes i have... but we in serbia dont have place to by bob ross colour and brushes



Looks great nice colours. Well done


Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

very nicely done.Great fall earthy colors!

I use a lot of burnt umber . Yelow ochre . Lemon yellow and green

Titanium white is the biggest consumption usually and next in consumption is yellow color.
burnt umber is better than Vandyke brown as it does not contain black pigment in it ( at least my VDB has a bit of black added), i like burnt umber a lot!

You got very nice painting, the reason behind why it was not sticking may be there was too much oil in the first layer. So to make it stick you would need to go more liquid paint for highlights but with more oil rather than paint thinner.

Do you mind to take a picture in more horizontal way so we can see the nice details? I am very interested to see what you did with the sky and distant island. It looks really well done!

I try to follow bob ross tutorial completly. I don use oil thiner cose i work in my home and i dont have odourless thiner... yust natural oil. One question how to change picture?

At first i cover canvas with black acrylic paint. Crimson colour i mix with oil to put on canvas to achieve wet on wet effect

There is no way to change, but you can add additional photos. There is button somewhere there.

Regarding odorless paint thinner - they sell it in the art stores for sure. They may call it some unusual name like odorless white-spirit, or odorless turpentine. This one is for painting and mixing with paint.

You may need some for brush cleaning and this is where builders stores will help (like Leroy Merlin). There are odorless paint thinners made of white spirit. I was looking for something in Serbian language i did not find and wikipedia does not have translation.

So in fact to let better adhesion this artistic grade turpentine or white spirit need to be used in the bottom layers when it will evaporate it will leave thin layer of paint and you can add layers on the top. This is description of the rule "fat over lean" that is one of the base to help painting to survive years.
But of course I understand about family request not to use hazardous solvents.
I found this link: may be one of them is odorless.

I mean nothing bad to use oil only, but it makes your life more difficult.

I will purchase some white spirit soon !

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

@ Sunnylady; There is a button to add pictures but only available with originals, not with Bob Ross paintings!

I know, I know, both should have it so if Felix reads this ....

Sorry Boja, you must have been searching forever...

:) i was searching

When looking longer to pucture i realize that i am not happy with anatomy off bushes and some trees... i must correct it on another paint

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