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Mountain Splendor

05 Jan 2021

This painting brought so much frustration and almost drove me to tears. My paint wouldn’t break right and I literally wiped the mountain clean to start over 4 times. The painting video is a little different than a print version I have which has more brown hues than greens. I’ll see if I can add a picture somewhere. I’ve really been studying the print copy I have and will try again this week.



Voy Kay
Conqueror of Challenges

Your mountains do have something Rosolima, but I can understand your frustration. I'm certain we all had our part of that!
What might possibly help you is watching a tutorial from Bob when he paints mountains. There are four of these to be found in the database.

What I specially like is that you will retry it. Different time, different mood, possibly gained more knowledge .... it will be the seeds for your new creation!
Good luck!

RosoLima, I totally hear you about frustration and how upsetting things can be. I was wondering if any of the people felt the same way as I did. It turns out - not many. I was once crying on the pine tree as I had to repaint half of the canvas because of my mistake.
The best thing what you did with your painting is that you overcame your bad feelings, gathered up and finished this painting with the nice mountain. Don’t be hard on yourself and when you start feeling bad, stop, take a deep breath, walk away from the painting, take a glass of water, relax and take a fresh eye on what is happening on the canvas. It does help as it prevents from destroying things on the canvas. The eyes and brain get tricked from up close work.
Another thing what I found in my brain - this is not to envision final result helps a lot and go with the painting. Settling this preview to have perfect and ideal painting blocks our brains from learning and from achieving a good result. That control that our brain puts on ourselves when ideal result sits in the mind is incredibly wrong and our part as artist to allow things happen and release that control.

Don’t worry you will be fine - paint more and be kind to yourself!!

We all have days like that, but it's also important to make thing as your own, and you have some fab water and reflections, and those large trees on the left - wow!

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