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Frozen Solitude

ironchefmitty 17 Jan 2021

Mountain are tough. The one on the left looks too curvy, but I think the one on the right is decent. Could use some tips on making my clouds more pronounced. I’m happy with the water and the plain of trees on the right.

This was done on a 12x12, so I didn’t have room for the cabin or the little inlet on the left in the original.

Would like some praise or constructive criticism on this one 😊



I’m new at this too. I’m still figuring out clouds and mountains myself, but I find that mountains really need an incredibly light touch of white (literally no pressure on the knife) and just a gradual slope along the angle. For clouds, a fan brush works and lots of round circles for the tops of the clouds, blending and fading for the lower parts. One thing I also discovered on some of my earlier stuff was I couldn’t make clouds (or anything) work well if the canvas had too much liquid white. I now put a super thin coat and it works well. Start in the corners and use a small amount all over the whole canvas. When you are done, touch a finger to it. If you can see a finger print still under the white, it’s good. If no finger print, either brush more off or blot it off with a paper towel. If mostly finger print and little white, add a little more liquid white. It really makes a huge difference, especially with clouds and trees.

That tip about the liquid white is great! I’ll have to try that next time.

Raises hand, I struggle on mountains too, I find the canvas bends a bit, someone suggested I try a board for practising, so I have ordered some.
Clouds I have seen done a few different ways, one way which I found easier (though they didn’t look like clouds to start off with but you have to trust Bob), he used liquid white across the canvas, then he took a blue and used that to make the sky, but left parts out of the sky which is where the clouds live. You can see the technique for that in Snowy Solitude; S14E4.
I personally found it much easier than adding the white on top and making them that way. I’m still working on my fan brush technique for clouds too. 😊

Felix Creator of

Mountains are super hard! Check out this link:

So with what everybody has posted, I really do think I may be putting on a bit too much liquid white in the beginning. I’m using the Bob Ross titanium white and it’s definitely thick. I actually think it may be thicker than his other paints by a good margin too. I think that this explains why clouds have been tough as I imagine too much liquid white would turn anybody into a bit of a mud mixer.

As far as pressure goes I’m using practically none. I’m basically just dragging the knife around.

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