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Colorblind 04 Feb 2021

Hello! First time painting since I was a child. This painting really displays my colorblind creativity. I painted this on a 4x6 inch canvas. I only used top notch acrylic paint found in your local dollar store. And did I mention, I did all this with only 4 colors due to the limited options at once again my local dollar store.



I love you creativity here! The trees on left look good and add depth. I think upgrading from dollar store to walmart paint will make your next painting easier.

Thanks for the feedback, Kaysteeze! I'll start saving up so I can make the transition.

Some people shared here that on eBay some other people sell good paints and tools for a fraction of price because painting did not go well with those people.

Felix Creator of

What kind of colorblindnes do you have? For me it's red-green

Also if you get brown, blue, red, yellow and white you can mix any other colors - purples, oranges, greens. The biggest consumption is white color. It goes very fast. Next big is yellow.

Note on saving on the canvas. Since it is acrylic paint. You can get one big can of gesso. You can gesso a cheapest watercolor paper with 1-2 layers and it shall be cheaper than buying specialized acrylic paper and canvas.

My niece sees no colour at all, she sees everything in various shades of grey. It's a nightmare shopping for clothes as she can't tell what goes together but I bet she could do some fantastic paintings using only black and white and mixing them together, something that most people would have to think very carefully about. Bob did a nice one in grey, season 2 episode 4.

Thanks Sunnylady! I'll have to check out Ebay to see what paint they have. I'll also try to expand my paint color collection. Though, mixing colors will always be difficult since I'm not sure what colors I even have to begin with haha. I'll also check out the gesso. Never heard of that before.

Felix - I am red green colorblind. So I can see colors, but everything is the wrong shade so I get them all confused.

TheLandscapePainter - No color at all? That must be tough. As far as matching outfits, I learned that blue jeens and khaki shorts match everything. That's been my fashion style ever since. I bet your niece could make some really cool paintings since she has that unique perspective!

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