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Ebb Tide

RKGal 23 Mar 2021

I do have more blue at the top, but it's not in the photo... I always feel like the red and blue In the sky never quite blend well.
I think the waves are too linear, especially the beach part.
But I do like my main eave/curl.
Too many "dooders"



Totally agree, I think this is the challenging to make nice blending. I have a piece of advice if you dont mind. If you need to translate from yellow to blues.
0. Transition area would need to happen and color mixing need to happen on the pallet..
1. Add a bit of crimson to your yellow add a thin layer may be half an inch.
2. Add more pink (AC+TW) as next half inch
3. Blend carefully ALONG the border and no criss-cross. You may need to have quite a lot of force used.
4. Next mix a bit of purple on pallet adding blue into that pink may be around 1 inch.
5. Blend ALONG the border.
6. Now you can add more blue into that purple for the rest of the sky and blend the border between that purple and blue.

I am telling all this because criss-cross never worked for me. I guess this is because I do not have BR magic white and my home made was probably a bit too thick. Check if you try to mix very thick colors on canvas.

About the waves - they follow one point perspective, read about it and you will see how to manage it.

In your painting the purple waves follow perspective and if to extend straight line it will cross horizon line far away on the right. However waves on the sand are purely horizontal, but in fact they should be more tilted to arrive at the point of intersection of purple waves and horizon line(right corner higher, left corner lower). That point is called vanishing point.

I think your painting is very good in terms of color choices and feels very warm and sunny and calm.

Thank you for advice! Those are things I struggle with, so it's always good to learn. I've bought a few painting books to hopefully be able to learn more about perspective, lines, and shadowing, but haven't really had a chance to dig into them yet, or translate what is on those pages into other things I see in front of me.

It is a long process and I am sure you will get to those books. There are some books that supposed to be reread during artistic path and that’s normal too. If you have chance I suggest to enroll in some online course like on and learn from there some basics. You can build on it from the books and books will have more sense.

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