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Falls in the Glen

ShadowscarsDragon 16 Jul 2021

I call this painting “Azeroth Asunder”. This is my second attempt at Fall at the Glen, and if I may be so bold, my masterpiece so far. This is a World of Warcraft reference, with the little Deathwing in the distance, overlooking his mess he made of the land. Maybe this was a lake before, broken up in waterfalls and cliffs. Anyway, any criticism, good or bad, is welcome. I had a LOT of fun painting this while listening to Cataclysm soundtrack.



Love it. 👍

Brilliant. That whole front layer waterfall and rocks combo is awesome, and those two little trees. Lovely water and reflections.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game


The water, waterfalls, the rocks and trees, they are all amazing!

Great painting, fantastic rocks and I love the flying creature. Did you paint him while the canvas was still wet? If so did you have any trouble?

@TheLandscapePainter Thanks a lot - Yeah, I did paint him while still wet, and I did have trouble, in the sense that it's really difficult to get something the exact shape you want when it's this small, and when you are shaking so much; but I worked in layers (black shape first, then brown wings, then highlights and detail). Turned out ok. I wish I was confident enough to paint a huge dragon, but not yet.

@joha59 Thank you :)

@HLarson3 Thanks, I'm pretty happy with how the reflections turned out too.

Wow. Love this.

I love the rocks! Great work.

Nice work on this. Your depth, highlights and reflections really pop!

Wow guys - I’m very happy about all the nice comments. Sometimes I have a lot of self doubt, but I like that we have the possibility to support each other on here.

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