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Purple Splendor

ironsoap 11 Nov 2018
Purple Splendor

My third Bob Ross painting. I chose this one because of the limited color palette even though I don't love the original. I had more fun with this one than my previous two, probably because I'm getting a little better each time. The colors on mine are more muted than Bob's, which is maybe partly my photography and partly because I tried a gray canvas to avoid doing a layer of gray gesso before the liquid white. The cabin gave me the most trouble. The angles are weird (still struggling with the palette knife) and most of my attempts to fix what wasn't working made things worse. I did learn that part of what has been making my paintings muddy is a stinginess with the paint so you can see where the snow bank in front of the cabin looks dirty because I was picking up the brown with a too-dry brush. I like how the trees came out for the most part and I prefer how the ones on the right move out past the edge of the canvas as opposed to the original which look like they're kind of just floating there.


Great job.

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