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Original Creation

Bailey & Rambo

Boof 04 Jun 2021

What a challenge this was! Meet Bailey and Rambo- my first commission and my first dog portrait! 16×24 inch. Hope its new home will appreciate it!



Nice work Boof! The fur looks great. How long did it take?

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure the recipient will love it. You have an incredible talent.

Congrats with finishing this masterpiece! Incredibly hard work here! Well done! .. I thought cow#25 was really great.. And little Zena was fabulous..but these two dogs.... So lifelike. They are just like a photograph. Absolutely amazing. So incredibly well done.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Love shepherds .Great job on this.

As someone who has owned/been around GSDs (and would never own any other breed) for close to 25 years, I can offer you this...

1. You've captured the eyes remarkably well. In the ones on the right, I saw one of my dogs (Shadow) from 25 years ago when I was in my twenties.
2. The shading (from dark to not as dark) on both snouts is spot on.
3. The overall markings of the breed is quite accurate.
4. Paws are good. Funny...the one on the right must have her left paw tucked under her chest. I'm going to take a shot here and say these are both females. Am I right?
5. And while the fur is different on each dog, that's good. Every dog is different. After one of our GSDs had a litter of pups, the fur on her back became curly/wavy and turned a beautiful shade of reddish brown.

Great job on this painting. Terrific! Your sister, sister-in-law (can't remember who you said this was for) will LOVE it, especially since it came from family.

Forgot to mention that the one on the left looks a LOT like another of my dogs from the past, Traci. She was a mostly-black-with-tan-paws 90-pound beast that liked to lean into your leg (and almost knock you over) when she sat down beside you.

wowzers....did this turn out

Great to see the finished nailed it Boof!

This is great!! Love the composition as well! :)

Wow thanks everyone!!!! Really means a lot 💗 rah, I think I've been working at this painting for about 4 or 5 months on and off. This is the longest it has taken me to do a painting. I think partly because I was "nervous" to get it as good as possible since it is my first comission and also I really just don't feel extremely passionate about german shepherds these days 😅 (sorry alex_ander lol). I had a german shepherd just about bite my face once and another time a different german shepherd chewed up my favorite cowgirl boots haha Not to mention I just have a general turn off towards dogs lately. Probably because I have a wild animal toddler running around my house lolol Normally I am totally animal crazy but I find myself preferring animals who stay in pens and cages these days 🤣 I'll be sure to inform you all when this changes and I find myself buying a puppy one day 😜

Thank you alex_ ander! I found it interesting how they look alike but as you say, have differences even so. I really enjoyed doing those soulful eyes on the older dog (Rambo) but found that Baileys eyes were more challenging. In the photo I was painting from she does not have those typical "deep" eyes you normally see with dogs honestly. It was also interesting because when I looked closely at the photo, her eyes appeared blue! While I'm sure in reality they are dark brown. I thought the snouts and paws were going to be more difficult but they came fairly easily. I was surprises because the hardest parts were the ears and the black fur on their backs- parts I thought would be easiest! The one on the right is male and the other is female haha! I believe they had just been scolded right before the picture was taken so that was probably why his paw was tucked 🤭 Although I've had some not great experiences with german shepherds, I will say these dogs are very well behaved and real sweethearts.

I'm sorry for your negative experiences with shepherds. They really are a breed that will defend its owners. So, if someone is not supposed to be there, they will let that someone know with lips curled back and teeth bared.

On the other hand, if they know you're part of the family, they'll love you and protect you. So, I'm sure that's why Bailey and Rambo are real sweethearts to you. They know you're part of the family.

Almost guessed the sexes. My second guess was going to be the one on the right was a male like you said. I can hear you now, saying, "Oh, sure. Sure. You say that after the fact." 🙂

I wonder if the blue eyes had more to do with photography (like red eyes in pictures). Either way, you did a spectacular job with these dogs. Hopefully, Bailey and Rambo will also appreciate your hard work when they see themselves on canvas.

Lastly, when you finally get around to buying that puppy, get a pure-bred AKC GSD. I had a mixed-breed shepherd turn on me when I went to take a ham bone away from it. But never had anything remotely like that happen with an AKC, though.

Best wishes.

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