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Original Creation

Xena warrior kitty

Boof 01 Feb 2021

This is an oil painting I did for my sister- her kitty cat named Zena. I was scared to paint anything with fur and eyes but I think for my first time she turned out really well! I think I need an actual liner brush for whiskers however. Please give honest tips and feedback please! Also, do any of you use some kind of finish/ protector over your paintings when you're done? I want to paint something for my bathroom but I'm afraid my painting will quickly deteriorate from the steam from our shower. Thanks!



Well done! You certainly captured the cuteness!

Incredible painting! Such a cute kitty!

About painting in the bathroom it will deteriorate, nothing can be done. Varnish will cover only front to protect from dirt and grime, not from moisture. Back of the canvas however will stay unprotected. This is where the issues will start to develop. Oil is a good food for mold and moisture is a wonderful environment for them.

You can try to use wooden panel and prime it from all the sides, so moisture does not go in the wood. But ensure first that wood is nice and dry.

Thank you sunnylady! A painting on wood might actually look quite nice in the bathroom!

Check if you can get a plywood and prime the edges carefully as well as front and back.
It will be a bit more challenging as surface is smooth, but you will manage!

Awesome!! We have lots of plywood, I know the perfect piece! Thank you for the tip!

his is wonderful


Thank you! And Toadi, I've just read your bio- I expect a cat painting from you soon! Show us your furry friends! ❤

I love this! I've been wanting to paint my cats. Did you use any kind of tutorial, or noteworthy tips from anywhere? It looks like you've been painting fur for years!

You captured the inquisitive look of the cat perfectly.

Oh my happylittlecloud you're making me blush!! I've never painted fur before! My sister sent me a picture of her cat and i just flew at it. I started with the basic shape of the kitty in vandyke brown and added basic black stripes. From there i just progressively got lighter and lighter with more detail.

The trick was to not give up until it was done i think. And thank you Lj! My sister said it really looked like xena when she's about to pounce on something!

I like this painting very much. For your first time painting a fury creature I think you did superbly. I spend way too much time watching art/painting videos on Youtube and people always say that painting fur realistically is an art unto itself. Your sister's cat, Xena, reminds me of my cat Chessie--named after the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad's mascot, Chessie. You really captured that deep look of curiosity in those feline eyes.

Yes, someday I plan to paint them, they are both getting older, not sure cause we rescued them but w are guessing maybe OMG, just realized how old they are

Thank you McCann! I have been painting my sisters other cat Wicket; who is proving much more difficult to paint. Her fur is all white,short, and very fine. I'm regretting getting as far as i have without watching some youtube tutorials! I think they would have really helped get her white fur right.

And toadi, those are OLD cats!

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