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Original Creation

Stoney Adirondack Lake (take 2)

30 Nov 2022

This is my second attempt at Stoney Adirondack Lake. I took into account all the suggestions and advice that was given to me on my first attempt. I’m not sure if I like this one any better than the first one. The reflections did come out better but they are still not great. I tried doing the submerged rocks using various shades of Gray gesso over black gesso on the bottom portion of the canvas. I just used liquid white on top and sort of blended it into the black. I used a thin coat of linseed oil over the gesso and then made a sort of glaze using dark sienna mixed with Indian yellow, and VanDyke brown near the transition to deep water. Again, I am soliciting your input and opinions, specifically if you think the second painting is an improvement over the first. Thank you in advance for your help!



Love it!!! Much improved version! Your mountains definitively look as such! Great job on those submerged rocks. They look soooooooo real! beautiful reflections! You should be very happy with this one!

Thanks, Ninoum. Your input was, and is, appreciated!

Master of Monsters


Very nice, those rocks certainly look wet, great job


The smaller reflections look great, gives distance being like that and nice shape. Other rocks were nice but the dark areas you kept here really took it up a notch.

Thanks, Midnite. Did you notice on the left where I forgot to put the reflection of the deciduous tree in the water? That tree was an afterthought and I forgot to put it in the water. Oh well, thank you for your advice and relevant input. It’s appreciated!

Your submerged rocks are really striking and I like this version the best but liked the other as well! As Nancy said the mountains come off as mountains with trees and your reflections are outstanding! I hope to do one as nice some day.

Thanks, Cronenberg. It’s been a real learning experience on this one. I think I’m going to wind up doing a combination of the two submerged stone techniques. I think instead of painting the stones with shades of gray gesso, I’ll under paint with black gesso and then paint the various stones with shades of dark sienna mixed with white and then blur them to put them under water. I like how the black gesso underneath makes the deeper water look dark and mixing the brown with the blue gives that greenish effect of deepening water.

Just beautiful. May just be the best submerged rocks I have ever seen. Reflections are excellent. The far boulders are outstanding! Very realistic.

Thanks, TonyM! I appreciate the affirmation!

Very pretty! Many improvements over the first version!

Thanks, Flippergirl. Much appreciated!

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