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Original Creation

Tars Tarkas comes to Helium

ChrisLAdams 19 Mar 2021

I enjoy painting scenes from books. In this instance, a Green Man of Mars sits on his 8-legged thoat, gazing across an arid desert at Helium, one of the cities of Barsoom that Edgar Rice Burroughs created in his 11-volume Mars series. Mars' nearer moon is in the sky, together with one of the light-than-air naval ships. A mantalia bush has attracted the attention of the greenman's steed where he has paused on a hillock covered in the ochre yellow moss that covers much of ERB's invented world.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Amazing fantasy painting, with a big wink towards sci-fi. TOP!
Had a look at your website as well and can really appreciate what you do!

Thanks, Voy Kay! I have a lot of creative outlets, lol. I only recently started fiddling with converting B&W photos to color, that's very rewarding. I've posted someof those on my site, but the ones I've liked the best are one of my grandparents. So cool to see those old photos come to life.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You expand your creativity to many fields, I VERY much appreciate that spirit! 👌

Love the way the animal is looking back right at me. And that background is just amazing.

Thank you, Umagaan... I guess my favorite part is that golden hill. It's a mixture of Ochre Yellow and Indian Yellow. It really zings.

Super painting! I am thinking to paint something from the book too.
Absolutely love all details in your painting! Colors, all the sci-fi creatures, buildings, they are extremely well done!

Ah! Awesome!!! Painting from books is a great idea and I aim to do it as well at some point! My second favorite painter is James Guerney. He did the illustrations for Dinotopia. If you have time, look him up! I just love this sort of realistic style but applied to fantasy!

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