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Original Creation

Costa Rica Sunset

Colorblind 09 Feb 2021

Acrylics - 4x6 Canvas

I took this photo in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica back in 2019. If you haven't had the chance to go, it's a beautiful country! The photo is taken from Restorante El Avion. This is my first time painting it, but once I get a little more skilled I would like to paint this on a larger canvas to frame.



Great job here!
One little note if you do not mind, especially for the bigger painting check that horizon is horizontal otherwise the viewer will have feeling that water is ready to spill out of the painting. To do that you can pre-draw using ruler and measuring distance from bottom edge of the canvas on both sides. Acrylics will be able to cover the pencil line.

Thank you!

A truly beautiful photograph, I can understand why you have painted it. I would love to paint it too. It was looking at dramatic skies and sunsets that made me want to learn how to paint. I hope this helps you: Blue and yellow make green, and you wouldn't normally have green in the sky. When you paint blue and yellow close to each other they can mix together and you can get a green line where they meet. You can stop this happening. If you add a touch of red to your blue to make a purple tint, or add a touch of red just below your blue, then paint in the yellow you won't get green. Red and yellow make orange so the worst thing that can happen is you might get a bit of orange between your purple/blue and yellow which would look great in a sky like this one. That's what I do when painting with oil, then I gently blend them together with a clean brush without touching the blue. I don't know what acrylic painters do, I suspect they might let the blue dry before adding the yellow, I don't know. Someone else here might be able to explain it better. You've got some lovely bright colours in there, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your next one.

Great ideas above! My tip for getting fluffier clouds like those in the picture using acrylic paint is to water down the cloud color just a bit and use a really soft, dense brush to tap it into the sky color for blendier-looking lines.

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