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Original Creation

Distant View

ForestVueGallery 05 Jan 2022

This was inspired by Jerry Yarnell instruction. I was focused on creating distance and color mixing. Liquitex acrylic on 18 x 24 canvas.




Oh wow!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Talk about depth in a painting! WAW Debbie, you certainly reached your goal. That rock on the left fascinates me!

Love it .. amazing I bought his 500 page book for £25.. really good .. have stopped painting at the moment but this has reminded me .. thank you for sharing

Blimey, you can see for miles! this is just great.

This is a gorgeous painting ForestVueGallery. Beautiful greens, magnificent sky and atmospheric perspective! Many planes make this landscape very interesting to observe and this lets eyes walk around. Fantastic beauty!

Those mountains really are far far FAR away. Beautiful painting.

Super painting and appropriate title! Terrific distance created!

Thank you Hyper, Cronenberg and FGP.
Voy, I'm not sure what is fascinating about the rocks ? but I'm happy you like them.
David F, I'll have to look into that book. What is the title? It would be especially helpful if it talked about his color mixtures.
Thank you Sunnylady, the planes were a point stressed in the tutorial. There were definite challenges for me but it was worth the effort to learn.
Thank you Umagaan and TLP, as it turned out the distant mountains were the easiest part of this painting and the part I was most interested to create.

It’s all been said, but your painting here is behond fabulous. It’s masterfully done - I would absolutely hang this in my home!

Shadows, you’ve left me speechless.
Thank you!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

The shape and its highlights caught my eye. They look so very real! 😊

Sorry I have been away... The book is called Painting landscapes with Jerry Parnell.
Its no longer in print but it is very good and covers most things. You have to but it from secondhand shop on line .. The ISBN is 1581807406. hope that helps happy painting

David, thanks so much for mentioning the book. I searched and was able to find a copy and it has a lot of good info that will be very useful. I enjoy the on line lessons, but having the still photos of a work in progress is sometimes easier for me. I’m looking forward to trying some of the wildlife paintings.

hi pleased you found it .. look forward to seeing the outcome .. enjoy

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