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Original Creation

Springtime Falls

ForestVueGallery 24 Feb 2021

I took inspiration from an unknown artist for this. It looked fairly simple, so I started with black gesso on the lower 2/3 with irregular pattern at the top. It was very enjoyable and a hint of spring.



Wow, this flawlessi want to paint this too.

hint of spring is great, beautiful painting, What brush....half round? lol

Thank you both! I’d give it a try as it is pretty simple. After the gesso dried I applied liquid white on the top 1/3rd above and blending slightly over the black gesso tree line. I used Cerulean Blue for the sky. It’s darker then the photo shows and a realistic color. Then I applied liquid clear to the rest of the canvas. I did a little dark tree under painting just above the black gesso with a mix of Payne’s gray and Ivory Black using a Kevin Hill 1” brush, but Bobs small round would be similar. Tree leaves are a mix of Cerulean Blue and cadmium yellow medium and for variation Cerulean with cadmium yellow light. For a few darker shades I used a mix of sap green and phalo emerald. It helps to start above the trees and work down to achieve those light tree tops before the brush picks up the dark undercolor.
I added the waterfalls next, then put in the rocks. A tiny touch of Payne’s gray in the cadmium white and liquid white mix for the water. I used straight white for water highlights. Flowers are mix of Cerulean blue and Quinacridone Magenta with white highlights.
Something that has really helped me with color is the Magic Palette Color Mixing Guide:
They probably cost more then they should, but I’m able to easily identify close to any color I’m looking for when painting from a photo. Happy painting 😊

Very pretty. I like the liveliness of the water.

Sunnylady Community Darling

I have not tried cerulean blue yet, on the photo it looks calmer than usual blues. Mixes with yellow look like nice cool muted greens.

What is your main finding about this color?

Sunnylady Community Darling

Thanks for sharing the mixing guide! I was wondering what it was.

Thank you LinzeePaints. The water is easy on a black canvas.

Sunnylady, I first used it in the sky on my Sedona View painting based on my photo and the color guide. My bad photography here doesn’t show the true cerulean color, however is a little lighter shade then Sedona View due to more liquid white on the canvas.
I was using the chart to match the muted greens and the colors so happened to contain cerulean. I also added a touch of liquid white to the green mixes.
These are Gamblin 1980 oils and I’ve found the blue mixes well and a small amount goes a long way. I find it to be a true looking color for skies that I will continue to explore, and the green mixes are very nice also.
The color charts have been a teaching guide that has taken the torture of color mixing out of the picture 😂.

Sunnylady Community Darling

@ForestVueGallery, thanks for sharing the information. I was exploring Cobalt blue but in mixes with white it was giving grayish color which i did not like, however transparent applications were nice and vibrant. I watched the video about that mixing guide, indeed the small one is almost all colors that are often used by me.

For sky color so far my favorite combination is Phtalo+ Ultramarine+ TW+ tiny touch of Umber or Siena.

I will be looking forward for your investigation of cerulean blue in your next paintings. That seem to be very interesting color!

Cobalt blue is a beautiful color that I haven’t used much except a tiny amount on my “Peaceful Sunset” painted on wood.
I will have to give your mix a try as you have some very beautiful skies in your paintings.
As for the cerulean I’m definitely going to explore the cad yellow mixes further for trees and foliage as I really like those lighter muted greens.
If you would like a color chart I hope you can get one. It has proven true to color with the mixes I’ve used so far.

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