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Original Creation

Towering Clouds

ForestVueGallery 06 Jan 2021

This is my first attempt at massive clouds. I didn’t want to use liquid clear due to the smell and tried a Gamblin Medium that didn’t work as well. I’ll try again but I’m pleased with the first try.



Sunnylady Community Darling

Great painting! Mountain is fantastic! I like variety of clouds you created! There is a lot of hard work there!
Clouds - they are all about value : shadows and highlights spiced with color choice to link to the weather condition and sky. I think the best way to paint them is from a photograph of real thing or from paintings of old masters.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You should be pleased FVG, and proud as well!
I don't think I ever saw a better mountain then this one! Colours and shadow work are the best!
Your clouds are the cherry on top of this composition!

Nice shapes and colours, beautiful!

Thank you Sunnylady! I had a trial and error lesson as you point out with color and value. So true. I used reference photos for ideas and will add a few more white highlights to define cloud edges next time. I’ll seek out some of those old paintings for future reference.

Thank you Voy, such a compliment! I decided to put a variety of colors in the mountains which created a different look. I used a canvas board with little expectation of success but the result was a pleasant surprise!

Thank you joha59!

Sunnylady Community Darling

@ForestVueGallery - I forgot to tell you something that shocked me quite a lot at one time. Clouds are never pure white color out of the tube. They are variation of peach, purples, grays, oranges, pinks. Highlights are very close to white. Human brain blocks eyes to see those variety of colors and says “I know it is white”. It is a challenge to break this block and start seeing colors as brain assumes way too much.

I think you caught these variations of colors perfectly well and the clouds have depth and volume. I truly believe that works in the clouds will bring more depth in the paintings and you started very interesting journey in the magic of sky.

Sunnylady Community Darling

I also found a great source of awesome quality photos of old and new masters. From computer you can zoom and see brush work very well. From the phone - does not allow to zoom.

Sunnylady thank you so very much for the link! What a place to explore the master works.
That’s very interesting about the brains interpretation of color. I will examine the big clouds more closely when they pass by. I couldn’t agree more that the large beautiful clouds are such a focal point. I’ve always admired paintings with them. Thanks for all your valuable information. I will continue this magic sky journey!

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