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Original Creation


Froggie 26 Jan 2021

Obviously not a painting. When I was a kid, I would often twist bits of wire together and shape them (hearts, stars, letters of the alphabet and so on). I have seen sculpture made of many strands of wire so I decided to see if I could do that. Here's my first attempt at a tree. I live quite near Lake Michigan and enjoy walking the beach looking for interesting bits of driftwood. Tree is mounted on driftwood with a bit of hot glue. I may add other touches - perhaps a bit of moss or some beach sand... I don't know. I like it and I hope you do too. Happy creating!!
**Sunnylady -- no welding or soldering is required for this type of sculpture.


The tree is approximately 6.5 inches tall - the driftwood is approximately 16 inches long.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

VERY original creation!
Amazing how you did that fine, tiny work on the wires to create leaves! BRAVO!

Thank you Voy. I used round tipped pliers for the leaves. This wire sculpture makes my fingers and hands quite sore. It's worth it for now. I'll add a picture or 2 of the dragonflies I made.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Oh gosh, those dragonflies are amazing! I can see those already in my Christmas tree!!

I see those in real you know, I live rather rural, on the very edge of a city, with plenty of open space and farmland around. We get visited by these regularly and are always very happy they pass by. Did you know they are considered endangered species in Belgium and are protected by the government? It is totally forbidden to chase and/or kill them.
Which in fact, we will never think of doing!!

Voy: thank you for your kindness with comments. The dragonflies are much simpler than the trees. They only take roughly 30 minutes to complete.

I have a swimming pool in my backyard and also live in the country where all sorts of wildlife surrounds me. I actually had a squirrel in my livingroom last fall. My husband and I trying to capture it was surely quite a show. I see many dragonflies in the summer. A dear friend of mine considers them her spirit animal. Last summer I saw a black & blue one with what looked like tiny golden threads adorning it's iridescent wings. Beautiful creatures. AND they eat mosquitoes so I welcome them even more!! I'm glad they are protected.

How creative! I really like this.

Thank you LMJ I'm glad you like it.

Oh Froggie, this is beautiful creation! You are so right it does not need welding! Fantastic creativity! Thank you so very much for sharing this beauty! and dragonflies are super cute!

Thank you Sunnylady. I'm happy you like it. It isn't terribly difficult. A little awkward at times with the twisting and trying not to tangle everything, but I was pleased with the results and am working on a larger one. I went winter-walking on the beach this past weekend and found some terrific driftwood to work with. 😍 I hope you give wire sculpture a try. Even a small creation is satisfying.

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