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Original Creation

I miss you.

Hado Hagen 23 Dec 2020

This is very old. Made it wen I was 18 or 19. My Father was killed in de second worldwar in Russia. He never saw me, but knew that I was born. So.... A tribute to him. On paper.


This cuts me in two. Sending ❤️

Oh, shiver down my spine. +heart+

Felix Creator of

My grandmother lost her father in WWII too. He died 10 days before the war was over on the eastern front in Hitler's last war efforts.

She had only some very blurry memories of him, as she was only 4 or 5 years old when he went to war and never came back.

Three years ago after some long hours on Google and and war archive websites I was able to find the place where he died and was subsequently buried on a soldier graveyard in eastern Germany.
With help from the funeral administration there I was able to confirm that it was really him, as his name was wrong in the official records.

We got the local stone mason to add his name to the list of soldiers buried there on the monument at the war graveyard. My brother and I took here there as a present for her 81st birthday.

She told us there that it was always in the back of her head that she was never able to say goodbye or visit a grave. It gave her great peace that she was finally able to go there after almost 80 years of wondering about the place her father rests.
She also told me on the plane home that she could die now and be happy, because she did everything she wanted in life.

Grandma passed two weeks ago. I'm very glad that we were able to fulfill this lifelong wish for her.

Your painting is very moving to me. Have you been able to visit a grave or monument?

Amazing.. my condolences..

Thank you Nivek. I have a very nice portret of him in his uniform and I look at it many times.

Thank yoy TheLandscapePainter. I look just like him. My mother was a dark haired type and I am very blond with blue eyes.

Thanlk you Adam 3757. It is a very long time ago, but some times..... you know?

Oh Felix thank you for telling me this about your grandma. Condolences that sha passed away so short time ago. No..... nobody knows where he is. Very long Russia kept every thing secret. About25 years ago they gave al the information free and the Dutch Rd Cross found an little place , deep in Syberia. At that time there was a fieldhospital and there was a soldier , and he met my father. He was very sick at that time, high fiver and only colled the name " Dona, Dona ". This sodier survived an came home to Hannover. They stil had many pictures from missed soldiers and he picket out my father. But the red cross found out that he died of oedemia. I have copies from his papers and on my finger is a ring with a date 6-2- 1944. He gave that ring to my mother/ I took it from my mothers finger at the moment she died 12 years ago. My mother saw him right befor she died. I asked here....." is he stil as handsom as that time?" And with a big smile she sad " Yes ". Forgive my mistakes. I wish you al the best and a better 2021. Coronafree. Have a nice Christmas

Felix Creator of

Thank you very much. I hope that you have been able to find your peace, even without visiting a grave. I can only imagine how hard it must be to never really know what happened.

I think we'll be able to see our loved ones after moving on from this life, and I am sure your mother was very happy to be reunited with her husband after so many years.
My grandma lost her husband to an accident some forty years ago, when he was still a man in his prime.
After the funeral we were joking that it must have been quite a shock for him. He remembered grandma as a beautiful younger woman and now he gets to meet an almost 90 year old! It must have been similar for your parents.

A merry Christmas and a better 2021 to you too! I'm very happy to have such a talented painter and kind soul here in our community ❤️

It's nice that you look like him, you can truly make his presence felt in the world. Live a good happy life as best you can in his honour, and of course for yourself as well. I always find comfort in the thought that the loved ones we have lost didn't want to leave us.

Thank you Felix for your kind words. I think " age " is not importent animore when we are dead. I think we are souls then. Gosh.... that such a old dwawing so many feelings can bring. Again. Beautyful days.

TRheLandscapePainter, I do my best. I know that my character is from him, because my mother was so different then I. I dont think that age is importent after we died. Then we are souls I gess. I wish you peaceful days.

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