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Original Creation

Sunrise Seascape - Carmel Revisited

Happyisland 03 May 2022

This is a study after Buck Paulson. 18 by 24 black canvas. Carmel Revisited is the title.



Beautiful and so powerful!

Excellent painting!

Awesome wave and the foam! Wonderful highlights at mountains! Was it difficult to follow Buck? His videos look more difficult.

Thank you Sandy, Jwalker and Sunnylady :)

In answer to your question, I think it depends. He doesn’t go from backwards to forwards and top to bottom like Bob Ross does. He moves all over the place based on pattern and color. Sort of like puzzle pieces. He arranges the colors in advance which I notice I tend to prefer myself rather than mixing as I go, but both methods would work for his style. As far as teaching principles are concerned he’s likeable and explains things for the most part in a decent fashion. I have to watch things repeatedly though for anyone I study because retaining information for me is difficult. I’m a visual learner and he accommodates fairly well for that. I prefer him for seascapes but as far as landscapes are concerned I don’t know that I favor those as well. I have a membership to Alexander art that lets me watch his videos over and over. For me, I prefer seascapes to landscapes. I’m not sure why but I really enjoy them so that may help some in watching him. Hope that helps :)

Love this! Beautiful picture.

Thank you Brian :)

that is some nice work and great results, while the waves are great, i really like the sky work and you have good scale and depth on the cliffs and also capture the light well

Thank you Kevin :)

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Beautifully Done!!

Thank you Pietro :)

Thanks for explaining about Buck and your process. I have not watched his videos for a long time, but i recall i was not ready for painting everywhere at once it felt messy. But many artist say this is the best approach as it allows unity.

I love this!!! That sky is so foreboding!!

Thank you David :)

Sunnylady, I completely understand that frustration. When I first started watching him I thought “what in the world are you doing?! You’re driving me crazy jumping around like that” but as you say in hindsight it has made sense and looking at it like puzzle pieces sort of helps me move past that initial objection. I was so used to Bob Ross’s order of things it drove me crazy. So it was a huge learning curve for sure

stunning ....

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