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Original Creation

Morning Fog

20 Feb 2021

Took my reference photo a few months back. I painted the picture several times but couldn't get it quite right. This was the best of the three attempts. I did paint another painting from a photo today but took too many liberties with it to call "photorealism."



Heyjude250 - I aslo have photos of the foggy tree and road. I want to paint it and keep thinking how to do it. Here are my thoughts. I think it needs to be resolved through more purplish tones and in fact few things that would be barely seen in the background will create that depth and fog thickness you are also looking for.

You already have a great grayish purples embedded in your painting and the mood of very thick fog is already there. This part is already figured out.

What I would suggest is to reduce the main tree in size (may be make it slim a bit) and create just slight impression of things in the background, may be tips of the other trees sticking out of the fog. But they need to be very close in the value to the fog (just slightly darker) and it will create depth that is such elusive thing in the fog...

The grass on the right is already disappearing in the fog and that is my favorite part here in the painting.

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